2900XT/3850/3870 x24 AA?

Now i heard these card support up x24 AA but ive only seen reviewers use x4 :/ i was wondering any 2900XT/3870/3850 owners out there have tried x24 CSAA in anygames? how is it different from Nvida's 8800's 16xQ AA?

Also how much of a performance hit you take if you do put on x24 CSAA O_o my guess would be the whole game!
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  1. Do you really need 24xAA? O_o

    I've also been happy with 4x or 8x AA. Anymore than that and I can't really notice it... if I do, then I'm obviously not enjoying the gameplay of my current game. :p
  2. Bump, come on there must be one user out there that has tried this im really interested!!
  3. Seeing as the 2900XT/3870/3850 lose a lot of performance with very little AA on I don't think anyone would like to watch the skide show that would be x24 CSAA.
  4. Oh and i thought that the more AA AF there was, the lesser the gap between Radeon and Nvidia it got.
    That all the benchies was at standard 4AA 16AF and at those settings Nvidia was on top but when they cranked the settings up Radeon showed real good performance.
    Can anyone verify this?
  5. I thought radeons always dipped hard with aa.....
  6. To me it seem more like a feature to stamp on a box to make it look more impressive event if they (ATI/AMD) know nobody should use it.

    Like selling a lamborghini in Canada where the speed limit never go above 100 KM/h and touting the ~300 KM/h the car can go...
  7. So did I, but someone mentioned it in a thread in the 3xxx's defense.
    That at the usual settings 4AA 16AF Nvidia wins clearly but at 8AA the Radeons was better...
    But as i said, i need it verified, never seen any evidence for it.
  8. This is an entirely moot topic. 24x AA is overkill for any game, and only games over around two or three years old could possibly be playable at that level. Most people can't tell much of a difference past 4x AA, myself included, and anyone who says 16x AA is noticeably better than 8x AA is probably just in their head.
  9. on COD4 all other setting on high. All CCC setting on high or application controlled(if applicable), 3870 not overclocked.

    My 3870 at 2xAA and 2xAF was getting 80-90FPS. Had tearing do to monitor refresh rate had to enable vert sync.

    I bumped it up to 4xAA and 8xAF and now getting 60-75FPS. vert sync and i rarely dip below the 75fps. When it does, big firefight, it hits the mid 50s, breifly.

    ATI does dip with higher AA and AF. no way i would play at 24xAA.

    my specs for comparison:
    Pentium D 920 2.8G, 4M, 800Mhz, stock clocks
    Asus mobo 800Mhz (old needs upgrading)
    4G (2x2G) Patriot Extreme PC2-6400 800Mhz DDR2 2.0v, stock clocks
    Sapphire ATI HD3870 512M DDR4, stock clocks
    XP, DX9c
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