Hard drive not showing up in RAID 0 array

I bought a new hard drive to go with the one I had. Both are Seagate SATA 500gb 16mb cache drives. The one I had has been working fine in my computer. I installed the new drive and went into the BIOS and changed the settings to set up a RAID 0 array. After many problems I got Windows XP Home Edition reinstalled onto the computer. When I go into My Computer it only shows one drive and the storage space is 500gb. Any ideas on why the other drive does not show up?

If I right click on My Computer and click on Manage and open up Disk Management it shows:

Disk 0- 931.52GB It is designated as the C drive and shows it's capacity as 465.75gb. Right next to this information it shows another drive (it has no designation which leads me to believe that the two drives are set up correctly as a RAID 0 array). It shows it's capacity at 465.77gb and it says "unallocated". This second drive has never been formatted so I am wondering if that is a problem? If it is, how can you format a drive that is part of a RAID array without having to format both drives?

Thanks in advance for anyones help.
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  1. your RAID array is ok. both drive now show as one with 931gb, and that 931 drive just have 2 partition, one that is c: and the other, that is not formatted, will be of equal size of the other. just format this partition and use it.

    remember that you are not working on one drive at the time, but on both that has been merged to make a bigger one.
  2. If you want it all to be 1 drive letter google "diskpart". Its a command line utility in Windows to extend your partition among other things.
  3. Right click C: and choose extend volume, in disk management.
  4. roadrunner197069 said:
    Right click C: and choose extend volume, in disk management.

    OP said "I got Windows XP Home Edition reinstalled onto the computer."

    He does not have Vista. He will need to use Diskpart
  5. Diskpart won't work either, it cannot extend the system/boot drive.

    He will need to use a 3rd-party partition manager, e.g. Partition Magic or GParted.
  6. I got the second drive formatted and it has a seperate drive letter which I prefer to have anyways. Thanks to everyone for the help.
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