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i have a folder im trying to open on a dell xps 730 running windows vista. when i double click the folder the progress bar in the explorer window moves slowly and the files never load. I've tried opening this folder on two external hard drives attached to the pc and the internal hard to no avail. when i open the folder on my other pc whether on an external or internal drive, it works, and the video files from the folder run. i dont have this issue with any other folder on the dell xps 730. The folder contains .flv format video files downloaded from you tube.

Would the best way be a process of elimination the see if a file in the folder is hampering windows? thank you for your help.
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    Copy the files to another folder, and try again. Try the files outside the folder, just dump them on the external drive and copy to a new folder on the vista computer.
  2. I tried renaming the folder while i was using it on another pc. I have no access to the files in this folder while on the dell. I think ill put the files on the root of an external hard drive and then if i have no access to the root ill move the drive back to my other pc and start a process of elimination. I'm posting for a friend and he really wants these files. Thank you for you help.:)
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  4. Make sure you take ownership of the files, you can then set the rights for it to Everyone so there are no issues with access.
  5. Ok. Thanks again.
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