Which HDD Buy for the PCH-A110...?

I Am Very Comfused By A two Diffrent HDD For my A-110...
Or This:
HD103UJ from Samsung:
and what this is tll me?...:
max. 334GB formatted capacity
or this:
WD10EACS from WD:

thank you all, hope you help me decided what HDD I Should buy.
what is better and, those things...

Dont Suggest me the AV-GP From WD is not avillable in my state (israel)...

Thank You...
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Check these charts. Your first link is not working.

  2. thank you!
    ther is the fixed link:

    and there is no WD10EACS in the Compare Table that you gave me...
  3. Samsung HD103UJ will be faster, but hotter.

    WD10EACS will be cooler and slower.

    Not sure what A-110 is. Make sure your bios supports 1 TB drives.
  4. A-110 is A Digital Media Recever (like HTPC)
    ok thank you all i will go on with the WD10EACS.
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