Trouble With First Build - Urgent Help Please :)

Right so ive just got everything all together, an d its looking awesome.
Slight problem however is that it boots for about 3 seconds then cuts.
My guess is this is some form of motherboard safety feature to stop first builders like my self from nuking the computer.

I better give you guys some Specs.

PSU - Trendsonic 650 w

CPU : AMD X2 5000 ( for the moment, getting a 6000 off a friend).

Motherboard - Asus mn2 Sli Deluxe

Cooling - Akasa Evo Blue

RAM - 2 x 2gb pc2 6400 DDR2 800mhz G-Skill

Graphics - inno 3d geforce 880 gts ( Borrowed from work until i can afford to buy a 8800 gt)

Sound - Creative Xfi

Storage - WD 150gb 10k RPM Raptor ( will eventually get another one to pair them and then a 500gb storage cavalier)

Case - Apevia X-Infinity

Fans - top mounted 80mm, side mounted 80mm, back mounted 120mm, cooler mounted 132mm

Drive - samsung x16 Dual Layer.

Im pretty much just sat here wanting it to work, so if you have any advice, or even know the problem yourself then please give me a hand :)

Peace :bounce:
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  1. Did you double check all the connections?

    Did you tamper with voltages in BIOS?
  2. yep checked all the connections everythings fine .

    And nope i havent even touched the bios.

    Hope i can fix it today lol
  3. right ive been messing around for a while now, and i have figured out that the motherboard LED is permanently on, and there is a beep from the motherboard when i turn it on, however the power still cuts.

    I have tryed removing mostly everything.

    What is the best thing to do, the motherboards new, so is the graphics card , the ram , processor is second hand but was working fine in my mates pc, hardrive is new.

  4. Well, the first thing you need to do is check to the BIOS and make sure everything is set to auto-detect, which it should be but you never know. Make sure your SATA devices are enabled, USB ports turned on, your hard drives etc are detected correctly, boot order is correct, and so on and on.
    The next thing is take everything out except the CPU, Video card and 1 stick of memory. If you have a problem there, remove the motherboard from the case and try it on a flat piece of cardboard with only those 3 items installed. (this is what I suggest you always do first on any new build) If you can get it to POST at that point, then put it back in the case and work your way up from there adding 1 component at a time.
    Removing the motherboard from the case eliminates the possiblity that the motherboard is shorting to the case from being improperly mounted.
    If it boots outside the case and not inside the case, double check that you have all the standoffs properly located and tight, and all the screws in the proper places.
  5. Hmm, something you may try is to remove any removable media from the PC. (Ex. USB Flash Drives)
  6. Does your motherboard's current BIOS support the CPU you are running?
  7. i would assume so, i will check though.

    Remember, this is the first time ive even switched it on.

    This may seem like a stupid question, but how can i check the bios if its not turning on ?
  8. You must have a short in the system. Something plugged in backwards like the PCI-Express cable. It should go in easy without forcing. Or extra standoffs below the motherboard.
  9. make sure you have the cpu fan plugged into the cpu_fan pwr connector on the motherboard....alot of them detect if the fan is not working and shut may have it plugged into the case fan or one of the extra power ports and the bios thinks the cpu fan failed and is shutting down
  10. well appreciate all the help.

    But now im literally sat down with the mobo on a piece of cardboard.

    All i have in is, the cpu, heat sink and a stick of ram.

    I am turning the board on via screwdriver against pins. There is an led that is always green, but still failure to boot.

    I have the eatx cable from the pus to the board, and the cable from the heatsink fan to the cpu_fan port

    could the jumper settings be a problem
  11. Make sure you have the 4 pin power connection plugged in.
  12. oh my f****** god.

    evongugg i actually love you.

    Man i feel so stupid now lmfao

    holy sh** i cant belive that.

    Im gonna try to hook the whole thing up and i holler back.


    /b****slap self
  13. I'm glad it worked.

    We have a new computer builder!
  14. Glad you got it sorted out! Enjoy the PC.
  15. Quote:
    Make sure you have the 4 pin power connection plugged in.
    Heh, that would make like the 6th or 7th person in two weeks that has failed to plug the 4 pin in. :p
  16. Wooot i now have a smooth, overly glowing blue beast.

    Thanks for all the help guys
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