I try to fix something with my new system. Let try do it step by step. The problem that I try to get over right now regards the booting. When I select CD-ROM as a first to boot and HD as second, when it comes to booting from CD it doesn't ask me to press any key if I decide to boot with it (I install XP 100s of times and never happend it before. usually you have something like dots that are going toward right and waiting for a keybord key to press, if didn't receive key entry it goes directly to HD boot). In my case it just boot without my permission. How may I fix it? OO one more thing. That is my homebuilt new system, I try to setup Windows Xp. I had that asking permission at first, but I don't know what happend,after few try it just stopped ask me. Maybe it was something that I messed up. I was trying to fix it using Bios functions ,didn't work out, I tried to load optimized defaults, load fail-safe default, I also flash the latest BIOS drivers. It didn't help either. I have GIGABYTE P35-DS3L motherboard. Any clue guys
Appriciate it
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  1. What other devices are listed in your boot options besides the CD-ROM,hard drive and stiffy drive?
  2. Hi
    Only CD ROM and HD and for the third I disabled.
  3. okay and for the 1st boot device,what other options are there besides cd-rom and hd and stiffy?
  4. The option that I have:
    Hard Disk

    I did setup:
    1st: CDROM
    2nd: HDD
    3rd: disabled

    I dont have any Floppy
  5. Does your BIOS recognise the cd-rom? Is it listed in your standard cmos window in the BIOS?
  6. yes
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