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My IT guy swears that Eset Nod32 is th best Anti-virus for a small company. They do not have a main server, and are mostly using the net from remote fields. The question is, with no server, there is no firewall, how safe are their PCs from scammers?
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  1. Having a hardware firewall installed right before the switch that distributes your connection is always a good ideas for companies. Some depend on single user antiviruses like your case at work.

    Eset Nod32 is okay, but I would recommend Kaspersky Internet Security. In my opinion, it's the best anti-virus / firewall for single computers.
  2. My personnel opinion is that before using any new antivirus you must collect all the details of antivirus about its working, performance, " Virus Removal Service " help and many more. After collecting all the details then you decide about using antivirus.
  3. I know this topic is old but the replies here are kinda sad and I couldnt resist. I know a ton of IT guys who will only use Nod32. With HIPS on it can detect literally any miniscule detail of a change your computer makes. Max settings for ESET I've seen block more than Kaspersky ever did and I used both.
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