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Hi guys, I was trying to create a partition from the free space on my partition C(had only one - dont ask why) using partition magic8. It crashed while doing it, so obviously i couldn load up windows etc, but when i tried installing XP from scratch, setup would recognize this new partition D as NTFS and Partition C would not be recogenized. After succesfully installing xp on D, in My Computer i see partition C as NTFS, but theres nothing on it! I used File Scavenger3.0 to try and get my files back, and now the problem appeared: while it finds all the files i had on C, i can restore all of them apart from two most important ones, i get the same message: "Incomplete write, disk might be full". But the disk im recovering them onto has over 90 gig free space and the files are only over 6gig each. Is that the program limitation or maybe the files got corrupted somehow? I dont want to splash any more money on file recovery prog that wont work. Any suggestions?
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  1. Are you trying to restore them to a FAT32 or an NTFS partition?
  2. NTFS
  3. I was asking because of the FAT32 4 GB limit. Did you restore other files that are larger than 4 GB without problems?

    Nothing beats regular backups for important files.
  4. Well thanks for trying man, but I guess Im gonna give up on this one. The biggest file I restored was 1.8 so i couldnt tell but the other disk is definately and without doubt NTFS. I normally have backups for everything but that was new rig that i eventually got working and i just couldnt wait to see how it works and didnt split the drive as I should have done in the first place. I paid the price now :/ Thanks anyway
  5. Looks like you somehow hit the 4 GB limit.

    Good luck!
  6. Why not try to recover the files from a Linux system? You can do a install on a cheap usb stick or usb harddrive.
  7. Thanks mate but i already formatted the disk and created new partitions, plus i wouldnt even know how to do it as i have never had any contact with linux
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