New build problem

Asus 780i
Q6600 Core 2 Quad 2.4
evga 8800Gt
G. Skill 2gbx4 DDR2 1000
Raptor HDD
Tagen 900w PSU
Tower 120 cpu cooler
6 x 120mm scythe 110cfm fans
cooler master cosmos 1000 case
Win Vista x64 / XP pro sp2

Put it all together, got it up and running installed Vista x64
computer ran for 15mins or so with vista just fine, so I started installing my drivers to put in the rest of my ram in and add my second 8800Gt. Installed Asus Mobo Drivers and ..... Hard lock, ok what the heck, reboot....get the windows load screen, and locks again, deleted/create partition and re-formatted. Install Vista once more, gets through the install reboots to run windows for the first time, and hard locks at the load screen, Tried different hard drive, ram, & video card. Every time, installs just fine, and hard locks on windows load screen. I figured maybe it was just Vista, so delete the partition, recreate and format, then install XP Pro Sp2, install's just fine. Windows load screen and hard lock. I'm thinking its the chipset in the motherboard.

If it had not installed and been up and running it would make more sense, but i'm thinking its either the chipset or the cpu, according to bios the Q6600 is sitting at 38c so no problem there, no post error. Thinking about trying to RMA the mobo, IF i can get the bottem bracket off the this board.

Any suggestions?
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  1. OK, I'm not the smartest kid on the block when it comes to computers. Just check my two threads!! ;) LOL

    But I think I read about someone here using Vista x64 AND 8GB of memory. I think he put in 4 for the install and then added the last 4 afterwards...could it be something like that?

    Maybe its a driver thats bad or something like that. How much did you manage to install in other attempts? Just windows and then it freezes up?

  2. All installs were done with only 2gb (one ram stick) x64 has a problem with 4gb or more, so there is a windows hotfix you have to add.

    When I got the original install up and running, I did apply the hotfix, shut down added 2gb started back up, worked fine, shut down added another 4gb started back up worked fine. Removed the extra ram once, the Asus driver install killed it. vista or xp will install the full amount, then shuts down for its reboot into windows for the first time, at which time it locks up on the windows load screen.

    Deleting the partition, making a new partition, and reformatting the drive would have killed any/all drivers the CD tried to install. (Plus I tried using a Different drive just for the sake of trying anything)
  3. Does it make any sense to just have 2gb during the install of windows, then install all drivers all the hotfixes and windows updates untill you have a working basis. And THEN after all that put the last memory in?

  4. It would not hurt anything doing it that way, I had windows up and it seemed to be stable, so I tried for four, then eight. (This was my first time installing more than 2gb on a vista box & I wanted to make sure the hotfix worked) My problem is what ever happened during that Asus driver install, effectively killed something. hardware wise. Because all patch's and drivers were killed on the partition deletion, so none of them are there to effect anything. Where if it was just a hotfix, driver, or patch, re-formatting would of removed it, and window's should of installed and loaded just like it did the first time. sniff.... I never even got to install the second 8800 :cry:
  5. Is all hardware properly installed? I mean...I experienced something similar many years back. Windows 2000 kept freezing up and I couldn't install programs or anything. Turned out that the netcard was not properly in its slot and shortcircuited the mainboard, causing instability. Took me weeks to figure.

  6. To the best of my knowledge, Yes

    I stripped it totally apart (fans, adapters, etc) and rebuilt it twice. Since the first building of it. (Going through thermal paste like its going out of style, lol)

    Only cards in it is the first 8800Gt, Ethernet/sound is onboard
  7. phoenixhawk said:
    To the best of my knowledge, Yes

    I stripped it totally apart (fans, adapters, etc) and rebuilt it twice. Since the first building of it. (Going through thermal paste like its going out of style, lol)

    Only cards in it is the first 8800Gt, Ethernet/sound is onboard

    But are the cards properly in their slots? Thats about the only thing I can think of.

    When you started to install drivers and updates in the first install. Did you update firmware there? (Is that even possible?) Thats the only thing that I can think of that would ruin the hardware like that. If you only installed drivers and driver updates, then the hardware must logically be just as operational now as it was before.

    If thats not the case, then the error must have been there during the first install too, but just coincedence that you got so far with the installation.

    The Motherboard FAQ here, as far as I remember, describes an error where the mainboard isn't properly ground, due to an install post or misalignment in the installation of the motherboard, that causes it to ground through the cabinet. Something like that. As far as I remember it produced those errors you describe.

    anyway, maybe there is help in the FAQ...

  8. Let me get this straight - it freezes upon first boot after the files are loaded from the dvd? that is, before you get a chance to even install drivers for chipset, vga etc?
    How are you installing? do you use any supplied sata/raid drivers, or does windows come with its own? perhaps getting the newest ata drivers from nvidia's homepage and using those during the install may help?
  9. During the first install, windows installed fully. Computer was up and run for 15-20mins
    I installed the drivers from the CD that came with the motherboard.
    Driver install froze half way, whole computer locked.
    Rebooted, computer froze on windows loading screen, couple reboots same thing every time.

    now it will not boot into windows, zaping the hard disk, and reinstalling windows either vista x64 or xp pro has the same effect, windows will install, reboots, goes to run windows for first time, and locks on the load screen.

    Drivers were just the original trigger for the problem, without getting into the OS they are kinda a non-issue.

    Yes the video card is installed & seated correctly.

    Items that I'm sure are not part of the problem
    Hard disk (tried 3 diffrent hdd's 2 sata 1 ide)
    Video Cards (tried 2 different 8800's & 1 7800)
    DVD Drive (tried the new one, plus old dvd-rw & a dvd-rom)
    Ram (5 diffrent sticks tried)
    OS (Vista x64 / XP Pro Sp2)
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