New BIOS for GA-X38-DQ6

Hi everyone! :hello:

I've just noticed that a new BIOS revision for the GA-X38-DQ6 had been released just a few days ago, on January 2nd I believe. The new revision is F7. I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon. They say that they've improved overall performance and over-clock performance too, along with other compatibly-related changes for CPU's (Yorkfield for example).

I just wanted to point at it.
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  1. installed but lost auto fan control, will try DL again just to make sure if not it's back to f6b
  2. F7 works great for me - and I can finally OC with 4GB ram installed (solved problem mentioned in previous threads). I can finally say that the board performs like I expected it to the day I bought it.
  3. well darn it :( just installed it again still the cpu fan speed just runs full speed no matter what I have a 3 pin fan it worked in f6b is your cpu fan changing with temp ??

    running 34c here
  4. There should be an option in the bios to control the fan speed.
  5. evongugg said:
    There should be an option in the bios to control the fan speed.

    Ya I know it don't work now fan speed stays the same no matter what it is set at
  6. Isn't the cpu's fan supposed to have a 4-pin connector? As I know, in all modern boards and in new processors the connectors have 4 pins. If this is the case, then the new bios may indeed need a 4-pin fan to work right. Also if this is the case then this is the right function of the board/bios/cpu fan. With the old bios the fan maybe worked by mistake.
  7. Well I switched it to voltage and it is working (speed change with temp) but why auto did not work well at least I can stay with F7 now :)

    could of swarn I checked that hummmm must be getting old lol
  8. Humm, must have missed it, no BIOS F7 listed for me ( on the US site anyway). Was it listed on the GA-X38-DQ6 page link?
  9. OK, it was there tonight, must have used a cached webpage last night. I installed it on my Vista X64 system and all is working well, CPU fan still just lumbering along. Didn't help with my SPDIF audio problem though.
  10. I had the same CPU fan issue when I upgraded to the F7 BIOS. My CPU fan has a 4 pin connector but it just started running at maximum RPM's since F7. However, the voltage trick explained here earlier by bohoba did the trick for me too. The fan is running normally again. Thanks guys.
  11. i also after bios update had cpu fan issue seting to voltage rather than auto fixed for me. thanks loads. have not attempted to put all my 4gb ram back in yet.i think im a bit scared to after having my first board die.
  12. So then it appears that auto sensing is not working and nor is PWM only voltage setting
  13. prais the lord for f7 i have put my fill 4 gig back in the system now and tested it for a morning and i have had no bsod at all. it would not have managed 10 min befor withought bsod with all the ram in at 2.20v.
  14. F7 not working so well for me. I upgraded from F4.

    The scoop is that I am running 2 x 1 gig of Corsair CM2X1024-8500C5, it's on the "approved" list.

    The F4 BIOS detected it as 1066 ( correctly ) and as usual for Gigabyte I had to tweak the voltage up to 2.2 to use both sticks. I changed the default timings ( 5-7-7-24 ) to the Corsair specs ( 5-5-5-15 ) and all was well.

    Upgraded to F7 and there is no way the system will boot with anything but the default Gigabyte timings. I have tweaked the voltage up to as much as 2.275 and played around with the timings till my face was blue, no joy! Using a single stick, no matter which slot it's in, makes no difference. Went back to F4 and all was well again...

    So, looks like it's either F4 and 5-5-5-15 timings or F7 and 5-7-7-24 not that it really matters.

    Just curious if anyone else comes across a similar problem...
  15. run some mem test on them I have had no other problem with F7 other than the fan thing running same ram at 1066 and 5-5-5-15 timing hummm
  16. rjbgames i have the same ram as you and i have 4 1 gig sticks to make up 4 gig. i have manualy set the timings on mine to 5-5-5-15 and it is running fine. i can not have the cia2 enabled or it crashes out. turbo boost set at turbo. but even befor f7 i could not have cia2 enabled. i was runing 3 of the sticks then

    so mabe you can have 5-5-5-15 and cia2 disabled. but if you dont have to fix the 4 gig problem then you may as well say with 5-5-5-15 f4 ???
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