Dell PowerEdge 1600SC wont see SCSI when it did before

I'm new to these forums and I hope you can help. I have a severe problem with this computer. It booted to the SCSI drives and now it doesn't.
PowerEdge 1600SC Dell
This is the page that shows the original computer. It has not been changed. It has also not been serviced or looked at in 8 years.
Running Windows 2000 Server
Two SCSI Seagate drives, one or both making a bad noise.
The following is what comes up in BIOS:
LSI Logic 1020/1030C Syn 320.0 Wide 16 Rev 1032300 202]
PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller BIOS 3.29
HA-0 (Bus1 Dev2)
PERC 3/SC Standard FW 1.80 DRAM 32MB
After the LSI Logic 1020/1030C Syn 320.0 Wide 16 Rev 1032300 202]
is shown a message comes up and says
MPT boot ROM No supported devices found!
I then get a prompt to F1 continue or F2 enter setup.
If I select F1 it takes me to the Dell Utility partition. If F2 it takes me to BIOS.

Just this morning most of that was coming up, all except the part about No supported devices found and if I hit F1 it would continue and would boot.
The only thing and I mean the only thing that was done was to run the Dell Diagnostics from the partition on the disk. After that it finds no supported devices and won't boot.
What did I do and how do I undo it?
Thanks very much!
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  1. Are you sure you didn't run destructive disk diagnostics?
  2. Thank you very much for your quick reply.
    To answer your question, I'm I didn't do that, all I had it do was to check the drive and the memory. If I had done that wouldn't it have come up as no disk BIOS or some such thing? I'm not familiar with SCSI or RAID and I was just trying to help some one. Could running the diagnostics have pushed a weak drive over the edge? Is there a way to maybe install the drive or drives on another computer and get at the information that way?
    Again, thank you I appreciate your help.
  3. Anything was changed in the BIOS or the RAID configuration? What was the issue that prompted you to run the diagnostics? Would this help?
  4. Unless those diagnostics changed something in the BIOS or the RAID I myself changed nothing. Not being familar with SCSI drives or RAID I didn't touch a thing. What the issue was, the drives were making noise, HDDs shouldn't sound like these did, plus it had had no Anitvirus, antispyware on it for 8 years, it had not been defragged or looked at. I wanted to run the diagnostics before I attempted any kind of clean up and this is what happened.
    Thank you for your help.
  5. At least verify that the BIOS settings are correct. If the disks are noisy, then the only solution is to replace them. Old SCSI disks never were near silent, but they shouldn't make grinding noises or be excessively loud.
  6. thank you for your reply.
    I can get into BIOS and have checked all the settings. The Boot Sequence is set CD ROM Hard Disk C, Diskett drive A. In that order.
    The HDD Sequence is set
    1. Slot 1: PERC 3/SC Adapter (bus 01 dev 02)
    2. System BIOS boot devices.
    In that order.
    I believe those to be the correct settings but as I said I know very little about SCSI drives or anything like RAID.
    In BIOS the drives are not showing up.
    Primary Drive 0 Unknown Device
    Primary Drive 1 Unknown Device
    Secondary Drive 0 CD-ROM reader
    Secondary Drive 1 ATAPI Device Model Seagate STT3401A
    Capacity N/A
    Drive Type. Auto
    Maximum UDMA Mode ATA33
    That's all I can see that I think is relevent to the drives.
    The drives when they start up produce a clicking sound that quiets down after a bit and they run with a constant high pitched whine. Is that normal do you think?
    Thank you again for your help.
  7. The drives should be listed through the PERC.

    The hard disks shouldn't be that noisy. Was that system operational until recently or was it powered of for a long time?
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