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My actual download speed is not what it tests at?

My speed offered by my isp is 6mb. I tested this at about four online sites (I just googled) and all four said I was fairly close to this speed. However, downloading a movie off the internet I noticed it shows between about 4 and 7 kb/sec. It estimates between over five hours to download a half hour movie that's 135 Mb. Why is it so much different? I'm running windows xp. It makes no difference if its on Firefox or IE and I have Dsl through Windstream. Or is this normal? Thanks for any help.
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  1. Does this speed is normally showing at any download? (HTTP / Torrent for example)
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    Download speed is dependent on:

    1. Your maximum download speed.
    2. The server's upload speed.

    If you are downloading a torrent movie from me and I only allow my torrent client to upload at 56k and no faster, then guess what? You will not be able to download the movie any faster.

    The thing with torrents is if there are no available slot for you to connect to then you will be stuck in a queue until a slot is avalialable. -
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