Nvidia SLI low FPS in Gaming

I did a quick Search but didn't see any forum post, if there is please link me to them.

I am posting for a friend who has:

m2n Sli deluxe
2 BFG 7900gs oc
4 gb pc6400
amd athlon dual core 6000

The problem we are trying to resolve is that no matter how he sets the SLI he gets the same FPS (Frames per Second) In other words if he plays on one card his Frames per second are the same as adding the second card and setting to SLI. We have tried sync on / off Newest Chipset drivers form nvidia, Newest Gforce drivers from Nvidia.

He has the Bridge (internally connecting the cards). He has switched the settings in the nvidia control panel to force 1 GPU / Force 2 etc... he still gets the same FPS as using One card.

Does anyone have links or had the same experience with these cards?

Almost forgot the game is COD4 which does have a setting in-game for SLI 2 GPU's

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  1. Have you tried a variety of games?

    SLI does not guarantee that it will increase performance. If a game can't use it effectivley or the drivers can't its even possible to lose performance. A single card solution would have been a much better option.
  2. Yes he runs it on BF2 also... But COD4 is designed / capable with 2 GPU's. You can select either in the game settings.

    Let me get him to register here, (Nice and easy to register here). And then I can translate the tech talk for him if needed.

    Are there any good benchmark tools to test the SLI? Like Sandra Or ???? to confirm it's existance and performance.
  3. What was the fps before SLi, wondering if you're hitting the frame cap of those games, games like quake wars (30), UT3 (60/62), BF2 (100), etc.

    You can also try running 3dmark in single and sli mode, score should improve significantly with SLi.
  4. OK, i am registered. In BF2142 I am gettin about 60 fps and in COD4 I am getting 90. This is with one or both cards. I installed one card loaded the latest driver and then tested it. I then installed the second card and enabled SLI, rebooted and I still got the same fps. I then unistalled both cards, moved the second to the top slot, tested it by itself and it performed the same as the other. After that i reinstalled the second card and enabled sli rebooted and still am getting the same performance.
  5. COD4 does not have a cap on FPS that I know of, but yes other games do like AA. I just went into my config file and set maxFPS to "0" and that increased my FPS but I am still testing it. This is on my card not donrob's, but Donrob might be able to try this. Or find a good setting like maxFPS "135" and test that, there are alot of settings in config files, need to keep a backup of the original to revert back to if needed.
  6. I'm not that familiar with nvidia drivers but with ATI you have to enable crossfire in the control panel. The control panel should also detect both cards. You may even have a faulty SLI bridge.
  7. Amd sli mobos usually only have 8x lanes that could be a problem, 680a has 16x lanes. but yeah it might be the bridge too.
  8. Ok we are getting Better FPS by adusting the Config file of the game... Need to check the Lanes and Bridge... thanks good points.
  9. Thanks Stemnin and gpippas, vaker5 that got the gears going in the ole noodle.... He is now getting 200-300 fps in COD4 by editing the config file, But that did not resolve the overall hardware issue...

    Vaker5 the lanes on his board do show x8, x8 for SLI and x16 for a single slot so... Does adding another card in effect basically drop the lanes to 8 speed each? Then that means your back to one card, right? as in performance..? Maybe 2 GPU's but still at a total 16 lanes... ???
  10. A 7900GS will not use more then x8 bandwidth, considering an X1950XTX didn't use much more then x8. It would not be the speed of the PCI-E slot slowing down the system. Did you double check that you enabled SLI in the nVidia Control Panel using the most current drivers?
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