final revision, plz give feedback asap so i can buy soon

Ok ive revised this computer about 50 times and hopefully this setup will do

cpu-q6600 go stepping (would like to overclock to about 3.0-3.2 ghz)

heatsink- Scythe SCNJ-1100P scythe ninja rev b
will be using artic silver 5 compound for it
(is this heat sink sufficent to use to cool the q6600 when overclocked to 3.0-3.2 ghz)

case- antec nine hundred
extra case fans-COOLER MASTER R4-L2S-122B-GP 120mm

motherboard- MSI P35 Neo2-FR LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX

power supply- ENERMAX Liberty ELT500AWT ATX12V 500W Power Supply
(will this be able to handle my setup, its a tier 2 psu but im not sure if thats enough wattage)

ram- OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2-800 CL 4-4-4-15
(is this stuff any good?)

harddrive- Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 (2nd Generation Perpendicular Recording) 500GB 7200rpm 32MB Cache
(is the 32mb cache actually that much better over reg 16mb's)

vid card- msi 8800gt 512mb

alright i currently have a 22 inch westinghouse monitor that i use thats 1680x1050 rez and ill be using windows xp 64bit
* the stuff in the parenthesis are the questions that i have

thanks for the advice and any info you have
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  1. It looks good to me. The only thing is the RAM. If you're not going to use a 64bit OS, you're kind wasting money as most applications in a 32bit environment will not use more than 2GB. If you plan on upgrading in the next year, I would still just buy the 4GB so that's one less thing you have to worry about.
  2. well i am actually using xp pro 64bit, it is a 64bit os, but thanks for the info, and u think the powersupply is enough to handle all this even with the overclock?
  3. Nice Rig the parts are fine for you but I have always been a fan of Gibabyte,Thermalight,Corsair, and A-DATA

    Here are my 2 cents:

    Mobo:GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L Rev. 2.0 LGA775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard Retail-$85.70

    Ram: A-DATA Extreme Edition 2GB-$38.99($15 MIR)

    Just because I dont think you need all the Ram unless your using a lot of memory hungry apps at the same time

    Cooler:Thermalight Ultima 90+Scythe-SFF21F+AC5-$65.89

    Good Setup and here is a review:


    Own it at has not failed me yet (ALso the 80% and above efficiency is not bad)

    On another note I would get a eVga 8800GT because of the Step-Up Program(What do you know maybe the new p series will come out in the next 3 months)

    BTW, your hardware selection is great I have heard nothing wrong about them, its just that over the years I have become a Fan :D
  4. hmm, the main reason im going with the msi 8800gt is cause i can hopefully get it for about 215 for the 512mb version, and the main reason for the msi board is because of the heat pipe series for the chipsets, i think it would overclock good with those dont ya think? and i do run multiple programs at once hence the 4 gigs and the whole reason im going for the psu i am is cause its cheap and still a tier 2, and finally the cooler i chose the ninja cause its only 40 with a fan, and im broke lol, but i am thinking about that gigabyte board, ive always used em in the past, but i thought the heatpipe series might help cooling
  5. ehhh..just because a board has a fancy looking heatsink doesn't make it good. Asus and Gigabyte are the only companies that will ever get my money for a board. I've tried others, but they just aren't up to par...

    You really should look into the P35-DS3L if you dont need raid. It's a great solution.

    Regarding the MSI card...I really don't understand why people get these other brands from nvidia partners...EVGA and XFX offer lifetime warranties (as well as bfg, but they have no special programs). EVGA also has the step up program, you have 3 months to trade the card in for something better...You just have to pay the difference. XFX has the double life time warranty, sell the card, and that buyer gets the warranty as well, you can also mod/oc the card without worry since it's still covered.

    I'd never buy a leadtek, inno, asus, msi, or any other brand nvidia card other than EVGA/XFX....I really don't understand why others would too...Why pay for a card that has a 1 year warranty, when theres another brand that offers a lifetime warranty with many extra features. it's a no brainer to me. We all know video cards can die, I've had 2 die on me before, and if they happened to be EVGA/XFX..I wouldn't have been out on cash trying to buy a replacement.
  6. ^ Agreed

    As for your question about warranties... the fact is that although the cards are all based on Nvidia GPUs, other parts are different. Nvidia only provids the GPU+ specifications, etc. It is up to the manufacture to select the rest of the products. My bet is that XFX is able to offer life time warranties is because they use high quality capacitors, etc.
  7. i took a look at teh p35ds3l but it almost seems to cheap to be any good? i havent looked at benchmarks yet, but ive seen em for like 86, and i really like the look of the fancy overrated heatpipes, is there a gigabyte board with them, or a cheaper asus, about 120 is my max here
  8. well the DS3L are pretty good OC'ers not because I own one, but its just that I have seen it everywhere and If want I can probably find some reviews...

    Here is one on the DS3R(From my understanding the 2 boards are not that different all the DS3R has is a little more SATA ports and more bells and whistles)

    I see your point..LOL....Cheap...If only you had a little more cash...but then its your money and your machine so Good Luck :D
  9. alright you got me to switch the motherboard lol, going with the ds3l

    and right now the only real reason im going with the msi 8800gt is because its 50-100 dollars then the rest, otherweise i really would have no problem with going with xfx or nvidia

    and im contemplating switching my cpu to a e6750 its 100 dollars less and not much right now takes use of the quad core anyways
  10. nice, didn't know clubit had retail versions, newegg only has open box atm.

    How much is the MSI version? Although I'm not a fan of BFG, atleast they offer a lifetime warranty as well...You might want to nab this.

    Ncix also lists the XFX/EVGA models in stock for around the same price, but checking on the actual item pages, it says they are out of stock..damn them!
  11. heh ive already seen that one, and i can get a xfx for 245, but none the less thansk for the link
  12. e6750=no.

    Either get the q6600 now at be future proofed, or get a e2140 and wait for the Penryn quad cores.
  13. well the max i really have allowable to pay for a cpu is about 200-220 so if anyone knows where i can get a q6600 for that plz let me know, or if anyone knows of some upcoming sales for christmas, but right now doesnt basically no games even take use of the quad cores?
  14. Any reason why people pump the P35's not the x38's?

    Oh and Kamrooz... DAMN I had no idea EVGA had a step up program. I was eyeing an x38 setup with a GTS 8800 (G92) and wanted to upgrade to a 9800 when some versions come out... maybe this will make it possible to do it dirt cheap :). Think once the 9800 comes out EVGA will have a version so I can step inside of the 3 month window?? (and yes i know 9800 release is not certain, but i read an article most people are betting feb)
  15. im going with p35 cause its cheap lol and x38 is really only real good for crossfire setup, and why pay 100 dollars more when i can get what i want for 85
  16. Sorry wrong thread
  17. a2love said:
    Any reason why people pump the P35's not the x38's?

    Oh and Kamrooz... DAMN I had no idea EVGA had a step up program. I was eyeing an x38 setup with a GTS 8800 (G92) and wanted to upgrade to a 9800 when some versions come out... maybe this will make it possible to do it dirt cheap :). Think once the 9800 comes out EVGA will have a version so I can step inside of the 3 month window?? (and yes i know 9800 release is not certain, but i read an article most people are betting feb)

    yes you can step up within 3 months. But keep in mind, XFX has a transferable lifetime warranty. IMO, much better for the long haul. Let's say you buy a 9800 GTX XFX model right at launch, year or so down the road, word of a new high end being prepped, sell it a month or two before it's released for around 100 under the current MSRP, place on an extra 200 dollars or so, and nab a new high end. That's my plan..

    EVGA's step up is nice, but you only get 3 months, with XFX, if you ebay it, the buyer will buyer a used card quicker if it comes with a lifetime warranty. I'll just be using the buy it now function with a 100 dollar deduction under the current MSRP...should work fine.

    Whichever way you go, XFX or EVGA, you'll be set. Keep in mind though. the 9800 is a rumor, there is a chance it won't be released around February and be delayed a bit, which by then, would mean no step up.

    BTW, make sure you register your video card as soon as you get the system together, if you don't register the card, no lifetime warranty.
  18. the thing is i dont need the best of the best right now, i need more does it work well and is it gonna cost me an arm and a leg
  19. Looks like a complete solid system to me.

    It will be very powerful compared to the amount of money you will spend. The PSU should run well your system, also your cpu+gpu should run newest games smoothly (except that damn crazy crysis, maybe medium settings smoothly).

    Be sure to use 64BIT OS! Otherwise its waste of your system, especially waste of your ram.
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