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Restore xp profiles

Hello,my old pIII with a 120 gb hd and widows xp finally died so i moved the hd to a newer P4 box. XP did not recognize its new environs so I reinstalled. I was able to get XP working, but it didn't recognize a lot of hardware (video, nic, etc) and because of the changes, Window said I had to recertify my copy of Windows in three days. I missed the deadline and had to create a new install of xp on the same hard drive. I have now downloaded all the drivers for my new hardware and xp is happy, but I have lost all my old user profiles and software. Can I restore the old software and profiles in the new install? the data is still on the same hard drive.
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    The data is still exist, but other required information (like registry keys) isn't.
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