Please Help with Hard Drive/Reboot Problem

I'm running XP SP3 on a machine that was built back in May.

Everything was great until Sunday evening.

As I was exiting out of a game that I have been playing for years, the computer rebooted. Not a CTD.

The motherboard (from Gigabyte) has dual BIOS and upon reboot, it reloaded the BIOS.

After poking around, there were a large number of files on the boot drive that couldn't be seen from explorer. Some of these files were in the windows/system32 folder.

I ended up running chkdsk /r and it corrected a number of problems. However, I am still having a problem with random rebooting of the machine.

I think the problem has something to do with indexing of the hard drive. Is there some way to verify that the index is correct or am I stuck reformatting the boot drive and starting over.
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  1. Spinrite from Gibson's research will tell you if there's any physical flaws with the drive...and chkdsk /f already took care of the indexing for you....

    where the 'hidden' files you saw .CHK files or something else? I'm not so sure whether the issue is the drive causing problems, or the drive having problems because you're systems having issues..........
  2. Check the memory for errors with memtest86+.
  3. Thanks for the info. I'll run the memtest tonight althougb the system is completely stock with no overclocking.

    The files that were missing was everything in the windows/system32 folder that began with the letters k through z. I think everything came back after after the chkdsk /r, but something is still wrong.
  4. Check your mains cable is fully engaged. What PSU, make/model? It may be failing, you only need to lose power for a few millisecond for the system to reboot. Have you installed any new electrical equipment, fridge, freezer recently? Try a powerstrip with interference protection. Run CHKDSK /F until it shows no errors, it takes more than one attempt if there are big problems. I suspect these problems were CAUSED by the unexpected reboot, not a drive problem.

  5. I ran memtest last night. It didn't find any errors.

    The CPU is plugged into a 750W UPS by AFC.

    I haven't changed any appliances or anything recently.

    I can't remember the manufacturer and model of the PSU. The box is in the attic and I could dig it out if need be. I am certain that it is a 650W unit with 3 rails. It is set up for full crossfire support with two video cards.

    I currently have a single video card, two HDs and two dvd drives in the case. The PSU shouldn't be maxed out. Is there any good psu diagnostic software ?

    I looked at the Dr. Watson log , but I don't know what I am looking at or if it would provide any clues. Any other thoughts ?

    Thanks for the help so far
  6. Quote:
    currently have a single video card, two HDs and two dvd drives in the case. The PSU shouldn't be maxed out. Is there any good psu diagnostic software

    PSU can still be failing! Install Speedfan and monitor the 12V supply. Run 3DMark06 and see if the 12V stays stable.

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