Question for someone who owns a Striker Extreme.

With the power turned off, does the back POST LED screen display anything? I'm just starting to build my computer and it is displaying "CPU_INIT" and I haven't tried to turn on the PC at all. Does this mean that something is wrong?
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  1. This is a board i have asked to be RMA same thing as you, for a week all i got was that CPU_INIT on the small display.
    Reset comos loads of times, battery out , upside down leave for hours no change never posted once in a week.
    i then tryed P5N-T Deluxe posted ok install windows ok , but never got to windows enviroment BSOD 0x0000124 or freeze as you get to windows on Vista 32 bit.
    Look at the Asus fourm for the board theres pages of help about cpu-init but it didnt solve it for me.
  2. I got that same thing when I built mine and after taking a closer look at the CPU pins on the MOBO I found that 2 of the pins were bent.
  3. I got that error also when setting up my Striker...CPU_INITI

    Reset the CMOS using the little button on the MB... it is a little tricky to do it right though, read the manual it has a blurb in there about it.

    Dont RMA it... it is fixable, just takes some effort.
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