Need input for extreme budget PC!

Hello folks:

I had a thread previously but it kinda died so here I am again.

I want 2 build a PC for gaming, but around 500-700 aussie dollars (yes, I hail frm Australia at the moment). Though I do not want a Crysis config, I wud like 2 play COD4, THE WITCHER, HL2: ep 2, OVERLORD, etc. Currently own a AMD 2.5Ghz XP system with 1 G ram and a 6600GT (on Win XP). Never overclocked and particularly don't wish to. USed 2 b happy at a res of 1024*768. SO here is a new config I have researched with the help of suggestions frm my previous thread:

AM2 x2 5000+
TWINMOS ram - 2G 667
PCIE - either a 512 MB 3850 or a 320MB 8800GTS

Prices r a little weird in Australia. Funny thing is at the moment the PCIE cards are closely priced! The AMD chip is 10$ lower than the e4500 chip!

What config shud I choose?
Is this proposed config good enough?
Shud I also toss in a HDD?
I am keeping my old optical drives and HDD - wud the HDD fit on the new MotherB?
I am not really good with hardware - so wud it b wise to read up, watch videos and assemble my rig myself?

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  1. We will not be able to put a rig together for you unless we know where you plan to purchase your parts from...any etailers you plan to use? If you could give us a link to the place you wish to purchase from, we can put a rig together based on your budget and in your currency.
  2. no get a new HDD, get the new 8800GT, get a good intel processor or wait and more memory ram (1.5GB for winxp and 2.5GB for windows vista)
  3. Kamrooz - this is where I plan to purchase the stuff.
  4. Are you overclocking? What's the monitor's resolution?
  5. The 3850 512MB is a good choice as long as the price is well under the 3870 and 8800GT. Resolutions up to 1280x1024. If you go widescreen 1680x1050 or above you'll need at least a 3870. Your HDs are probably IDE, most new motherboards have a single IDE controller - two devices max - so you'll probably want a SATA HD. 2GB ram if you can afford it.
  6. @ AKhilles - no not oc-ing. Read the lead post, mate!
    Thanks myGuyA for a 2-the-point answer.

    Wud I also need a new PSU? I currently use a lo-end one.

    On my PSU:

    SHAW ATX 12V P4

    AC input 230VAC 10A 50~60Hz

    DC +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
    Output 30A 35A 18A 0.5A 3A
    Max 550 W

    Earthwatts is available a tthe moment. Corsair is not at the place where I will bulk buy my stuff.
  7. You will most definitely need a new psu. 18 amps on teh 12v rail is at least 6-10 amps too few for your needs.

    The ATI 3850 256mb performs slightly better than the x1950 that I have. I play HL2 ep2 at 1680x1050 with a couple settings to medium instead of high, similar settings in Bioshock and UT3. COD4 does a little worse on my system. All of these games play with about a 45+ average fps.

    If I were you, I'd go with the 3850 on a crossfire motherboard for a little future-proofing (as long as the price isn't too close to the 8800 gts, which is a much better card). ATI's 3800 cards scale really well in crossfire.

    AMD processors are more cost effective if you're not overclocking.

    The price difference between DDR2 800 and DDR2 667 seems to be negligible or non-existent. Get two 1gb sticks of DDR2 800.

    I wasn't good with hardware before I built my own computer. I'm still not great, but found plenty of online resources to make building fun.

    Good luck
  8. Ahh ... thanks Kekaigenkai. Finally specific pointers.

    Could u point me 2 online resources regarding c2duo assembly? I have done small assemblies like HDD, PSU, optical drives. Having the assembly done by others will cost me extra which I seriously want 2 avoid.

    My friend got me TWINMOS 667 rams. If I do not OC, shud it make much of a diff?

    Here, the 8800 gts and 3850 is closely priced! Imagine!

    Shud I also get a new HDD?

    Most importantly mate can u tell me abt whether my old HDD will go with the new system? All the drives seem to have thick data cables!

    Is Earthwatts 500W psu good enough?

    Thanks a heap!
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