pc unstable with4 gigs help

I can't get my pc to run stable with 4 gigs. I tried a different motherboard, different ram, microsoft hotfixes KB929777, reinstalled vista...
and nothing works.

The only way I can get 2x2gig sticks to be stable is to disable memory remapping in the BIOS

The memory has been tested and is not defective. I even tried different brands and have the same problem on two motherboards.

Everything is stable with memory remapping off but when it's on I get graphical glitches, system hangs, and occasional the BSOD.

This is my current setup

windows vista x64
Intel Q6600 G0
MSI Geforce 6800gt
2x2 gig G.Skill ddr2 1000
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  1. Can anyone help please? Any suggestions?
  2. Sorry. Another Vista "feature". If you make enough noise they will "downgrade" you to XP for free.
  3. My guess is that some of your hardware is not remapping properly.
    The VideoCard and its drives would be a good place to start guessing.

    Of course other things like sound/lan are easier to disable for testing.
  4. H'm, I've always heard you should install Vista with no more than 2GB regardless of what version, and then put the other 2GB in later.
  5. I already reinstalled with 2gb and that did not help.

    The sound card is not the issue as I have removed it and still had the same problem.

    I am thinking it is the graphics card but I have nothing to swap it with so I can't be sure.
  6. Try relaxing your memory timings. If you are at 4,4,4,12 go to 5,5,5,15. MOBOs can be a little touchy when you increase RAM and this is often the fix. Don't know why the same problem is appearing under so many different configs. But try the relax anyway. There is no known bug using 4 gig in Vista (except for the install issue). You might try a different video card since that seems to be the only common component.

    And I'd like to apologize for the anti-vista troll above - all he ever does in break up any Vista threads with his blind hatred. Totally ignores your actual problem. His sole mission in life seems to be hating Vista. Silly fool. LOL
  7. Like notherdude says, relax your timings and maybe set yor voltage to factory spec's. I keep seeing this problem about memory and Vista. I quess I was just lucky with mine because I am running 4GB (4X1) Crucial Ballastic Tracer and have been since day one even when I installed Vista Ultimate 64bit I had 4GB installed and never had one problem with it, not even a hiccup. I will never go back to XP. Check my info on my setup and I've not had one problem.
  8. Quote:
    relax your timings and maybe set yor voltage to factory spec's.

    Yes. I forgot about the voltage! That Gskill is probably 2.1 v RAM (but check to be sure, it's on the label) your MOBOs are probably defaulting to 1.8v, that could be a common thread here too. We have seen many a flaky system stabilized by correcting vdimm lately.
  9. Increase DDR2 voltage.
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