ASUS 8800GTS 512mb G92

hi guys, i got this sweet card on hold for $479 AUD..

i built a pc in november 2007 with a Q6600 G0, ASUS maximus formula "standard" x38 mobo and a temporary ASUS HD2600XT GPU becoause i was waiting for the "GTX killer" next-gens..

is this what im waiting for or should i wait for the true GTX killers 9series in feb-march 2008?...

if you was in my shoes what would you do?...

thanks for your comments! :D
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  1. i would personally wait since you already have the current gen.
  2. hhmmm but its tempting.. the ASUS or any other GTX's are $700+..

    the GTS 512 is the same or 5~10% better performance only for $479 and the top tier 9series would be $600~800 brand spankin new anyway...

    im thinkin about performance and price also..
  3. i bought it.. just got home.. the temptation was too great.. come to think of it the 9series will be priced like the 8800GTX when it first came out at 1K AUD..

    so this GTS 512 is a good deal i guess..
  4. Get it and enjoy your games now! Don't fall into that trap like so many of us are stuck in! (like me). Be brave!
  5. thanks for the pep-talk but i already bought it as i stated above hehehe
  6. sorry double post
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