IE open microsoft word document small red X in square

When I try to open a word document from Internet Explorer I always get a small red X in a square instead of a prompt to open/save the document. This appears to be specific to Microsoft Word documents only. I tried opening a Microsoft Excel file from the same computer and it opened without issues.

It seems to be related to the computer as I could open word documents from another computer while logged on with the same domain account

Any help will be very much appreciated
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  1. hi squiggz76. Read about the red x here
  2. Thx gwb56 but the issue is not with Microsoft Word. The issue is with the way IE opens a word document from a link in a web page.

    It does not display the Open/save dialog box and fails to open the Word document, instead the web page shows a red X in a square box

    It appears IE is trying to open the word document as a bitmap/picture file
  3. Hi jianmei9: This does not seem to be related to the discussion
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