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Hey guys, I'm a college student taking an Intro Computer Science class based in Python. What are some of the best resources for learning Python? Beside, by resources I mean books, websites/forums, Video channel/series, etc.

It's kind of information overload, I don't know which ones to use. In terms of learning style, I'm adaptive; I don't mind bland reading but I do like videos and interactive stuff. Also what are some programming essentials like forums I should know about?

My programming skills are a bit rusty, I've taken java courses before but it's been awhile, so I'd like to start from the beginning and use something that goes into depth and has detailed explanations.

What did you guys use? How well did it work?

Suggestions will be greatly appreciated
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  1. I read through Lean Python the Hard Way. Seemed like a good starting point. The guy used to offer a $3 PDF version but now just sells a bundle for $29. Viewing it on the web is still free.
  2. You can't go wrong with O'Reilly:
  3. I know this is an old thread but Python power (Matte Telles) is an easy enough book to learn from, if its your first language you should definitely pick up a book geared towards absolute beginners that explains basic control structures and functions, the concepts are the same for every programming language so learning how they work through pseudo-code is a better starting point. Textbooks are the fastest way to learn programming languages, online resources are better for reference or examples. Here are some good websites for pointers though: Stack overflow is a good website/forums for really specific problems, this is a good introduction to GUI -Introduction to tkiter, Google developers tutorials. There's a ton of documentation on python though so you can really just google search anything you get stuck on.
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