Which HDD should I install XP PRO on?

Hello, I have 2 HDD's. A SATA 150 Raptor at 150GB and a Seagate SATA300 at 320GB. Which one would I benefit from if I was to put windows onto it? I know that SATA 2 is faster but the Raptor at SATA1 has a faster RPM. My mobo supports SATA 2 and im not sure if the SATA1 would slow my board down.
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  1. Install on the Raptor. The seagate drive won't come anywhere close to using all of the 300 speed, let alone the 150 speed of the sata connection. The higher rpm will do you better.
    Now with that said. If you are a heavy gamer or into video editing and such, then I would install windows on the 320 and use the raptor for your games as this will help a little in loading times.
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