Techs -- How do you backup?

Before you work on a clients computer, how do you usually backup their files?

Is there a way to create an exact image of everything on the drive and store it on maybe a USB drive? I'v used Norton Ghost .. but it must be installed on the computer and its only licensed for 1 machine...

I could take the HD out of their PC, and set it up in the machine running ghost.. Then create an image.. but that's not really feasible..

What kinds of backups do you guys do?

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  1. hyren boot cd if you wanna do a bit for bit backup. it has a couple different programs that will do that

    if you mean a couple of folders, i have a machine just for backups. basically you pop the hard drive in, boot up with the clients hard drive as the "slave" drive and just copy the folders over
  2. I like to use bart PE. I have a bart disk with acronis and about 10 controllers added to it so I can see RAID arrays. I can then image to a USB notebook drive.

    Also alot of times acronis itself can see most controllers so I also have 1 USB flash drive with acronis on it that I can image or recover with using the same USB notebook drive.
  3. Got a backup server and a 500GB HDD for my backups.
  4. +1 BartPE with Acronis and an external drive or network drive.

    I have also used plain ol' Partition Magic and an external drive and just copy the partition.

    If the client has requested a reinstall of the OS or an upgrade where I'm going to format the drive anyway, then I copy his documents to another drive under Windows.
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