Dell Dimension 9150 Power Supply Replacement (BTX)

Hi all. I am looking for a replacement of my power supply in my Dell Dimension 9150 (I think it is currently 375/400W). I'm looking for something at least 600W. Please note that the case is BTX - here is a diagram of the inside of the case:
Do you think any ATX power supply units will be able to fit in there or do I have to stick to BTX ones? Any recommendations?
Thanks. :)
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  1. You need to try a standard atx ps before ordering a new one. If the hole position is correct for the 4 mounting screws, then you should be ok. But it's tough to find dimensions for any power supply. They're rarely listed in the specs. To my knowledge, there is no btx standard for power supplies. That standard only refers to cases and motherboards.
  2. Any standard ATX 2.2 unit will work, but will leave a gap at the bottom of the opening because the Dell 375w is taller than normal by about .375 inches.
    You really don't need to go to 600 watts either,a good 450 like the Corsair VX will give you all the power you could need in a D9150.
  3. Thanks very much for the help. :)
  4. Walpurgis, while were on the subject of d9150, does your cpu fan make the whole case rattle? Mine makes a constant humming sound, enough to warrant a kickin one of these days.Bought a seperate cooler to replace, only to find out dell's customed board, thus it wont fit ^_^
  5. My CPU fan has always been very quiet. I've never had any problems with noise from it.
    Anyway, are Enermax and Silverstone good brands to buy?
  6. Yes, they are near top of the line. However there could be significant differences between models for the same manufacturer. You might want to consider this list:
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