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I need help with my internet speed. Can someone look at my test details and tell me why my internet speed is slow?
Im on Newwavecomm 10 meg Cable but im not getting close to that speed
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  1. the usual main problem is YOUR ROUTER
    get a high end d-link one ( like the DGL-4300 ) or similar to handle that ammount of WAN-to-LAN routing ( after firewall, router..etc.. )

    btw, to test your speed I recommend to check

    also, remember that not all servers will send you at the max speed
    usually all downloads and web pages are caped at 300 KB/s maximum.
    so if you want to see if you can squeeze the max, I recommend bitorrent or Blizzard's distributed download system, that way with multiple sources, you can go around the limit of servers or peers for single connection speeds :>
  2. yeah i use speedtest so much that my cable guys wont even talk to me any more hehe i know they think im crazy but i have saved alot of my test results and emailed them to them and they have had my modem on watch and keep telling me they dont see anything wrong but my average test is at like 4 meg and as low as 1 meg im about to go crazy with this stuff because they dont know what they are doing and acting like i dont know what im talking about
  3. also im not using a router i took it off because i thought that might be causing the problem
  4. A router shouldn't case a problem, latency might go up but bandwidth should remain unaffected. Switches should be intelligent enough to know where the data is going as they are programmed for that, the "router" part just communicates in the IP whereas the switch talks in hex keys or mac addresses. Feel free to correct me on anything i may have gotten wrong but as far as what i know a router shouldn't be a problem, at least any routers made in the last 5 years. It is a well known fact that cable internet is very volatile in actual speed and depending on your ISP they may not add the necessary hardware when their services are being strained. Some like comcast will scan your usage and slow down your BT downloads to save themselves the money that would otherwise need to be invested into expanding bandwidth support for that area. From what I've heard from people in the business (the backbone side) is that the typical station will be designed to run at 70% before its deemed necessary to expand bandwidth to that area, so nobody ever reaches the cap. HOWEVER, preferred customers, such at ones purchasing extreme or otherwise like-named services operate at a lower tolerance and are ensured much more reliable speeds. My personal experience when switching from 10mbps to the standard 5 mbps my ISP provides (Shaw) is my actual bandwidth went from 9000+kbps to around 3000-3500 kbps, which lends to my theory quite nicely and shows that i lost considerably more than half of my bandwidth showing that it is not a linear drop, indicating that a separate system is used for us regular folk.

    Things i recommend you try:

    2. try a different computer (a buddies perhaps) see if anything changes, be sure to try throughout the day as peak usage times will see a drop in bandwidth
    3. talk to your isp about it...they DONT KNOW and WILL NOT act until they get complaints in that area, call them...ALOT
    4. be persistent, refer to step 3 until it is resolved
    5. at this point you should either cancel the service or save some cash and get the regular high speed as it is clear your isp is not willing to invest into your neighborhood to add the bandwidth
  5. Yes your right about all that and thats what i have been doing i have had all of there techs here and have changed 3 modems and 3 ethernet cards and i have even built a new computer because i thought my other one was maybe the problem but i know this one is not slowing me down ... I have complained to them so much they wont even return my calls i have only talked to one of there techs on the phone that i feel is the only one of the bunch that knows what he is talking about and he told me that they have to many people on my node and i dought they will put me on a different node unless they get tired of hearing from me but looks to me like if you are paying for 10meg cable you should at least get maybe 9 meg speeds i have at times hit the 10meg mark but my avarage is about 4 meg from and i have saved all the test logs from it for months now ... I was just wondering if there was something on my computer i could change to pull in alittle more speed ??
  6. Are you splitting the cable a few times before it goes to the modem? Try a direct cable from your main feed to to the modem. When the cable techs look at your modem do they see a weak signal? I had that problem and they had to come out and work on the main feed down the street. You have any neighbors with the same level of service? Ask them to check on their speed.
  7. Do you have other options such as DSL?
    Sounds like the cable company have over-suscribed your areas.
  8. Yeah i am connected direct to the computer no other connections ....and im pretty sure the people around me dont have the 10 meg cable maybe 6 meg but its alos of old people around here and i dought they would need the 10meg and yes i can get DSL from bell south but its only 6 meg
  9. Its a cable conspiracy. I have charter 10 meg and it runs 400Kb to 500Kb very seldom does it do to full speed. My upload does a full 1 meg like its supposed to. I'm dropping mine back to 3 meg because the difference between 3 and 5 isnt worth the cost difference. Like another poster said the rest of the world isnt ready for it so it just dont work.
  10. roadrunner, how much does a 3 mbps connection cost in your country? In my country (Romania), especially in my town we have what we call "neighborhood networks". These networks are small companies which buy a lot of bandwidth from the big internet companies and resell it to the people in that network. I myself have a 3 mbps d/l and 1mbps u/l @ 15 RON / month (about 4 euros/5-6 $ per month).
  11. $30 USD 3 meg, $70 USD 10 meg.
  12. Zeus95 said:
    Yeah i am connected direct to the computer no other connections ....and im pretty sure the people around me dont have the 10 meg cable maybe 6 meg but its alos of old people around here and i dought they would need the 10meg and yes i can get DSL from bell south but its only 6 meg

    Depending on if the Cable Company promises a fix, that may work better.
    DSL tends not to have the speed up/slow down issue of Cable.

    If it's over-suscribed, you will have very bursty traffic and kill throughput.

    I'm sort of lucky, my DSL is rated at 10Mbs, but actually does 11-12Mbs consistently.

    Of course, I just moved when FIOS was moving into my neighborhood and I would have gotten 30Mbs+.
  13. that's.... expensive... isn't it?
  14. I would say so. Other options are DSL 1.5 meg $65.00 or dialup 56k $30.00
  15. dialup is the way to go :)
  16. bloodem said:
    dialup is the way to go :)

    I'd rather watch paint dry.
  17. dial up is for poor people
  18. I finally got my ISP to fix my problem it seems they had to upgrade there service to fix my problem now my 10 meg connection looks like this...
  19. Bad thing about cable, you are basically connected to everyone else in your block or however they break it up. Case in point, all the other people start getting on, you lose bandwidth, but if you read their fine print, it probably says "up to 10 MB/s"
  20. Now that speed is impressive Zeus. I been thinking about upping from the 5meg service to the 10 meg service where I am. My 5 meg service regularly hits 600KB/s DL speed so I know it's working good. And it wouldn't hurt my wallet much either since the price difference after the promo offer is only like $5 or $6 here.

    Not all people with dialup are poor.....I use to live in an area where the choice was slow as a snail dial up, or..........nothing.

    Oh, I take that back, you could pay $100 a month for just about as slow satellite service.
  21. you think you have it bad - where I live in the UK the absolute MAX is 2 meg, and that costs about £50 a month
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  23. Thanks for sharing,...
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