Phoenix Award Bios - Won't boot from writeprotected drive

Hi, i have an AM2 5200+ motherboard, and latest phoenix bios.
It refuses to boot from a (hardware-based) write-protected harddrive.
My writeprotect device shows 1 write-attempt to the harddisk before allowing it to be booted.

This is unlike my older Intel P4, award bios. Which, doesn't attempt write (to test if the harddrive is write protected) before allowing the harddrive to boot.

FYI, both are running properly configured Winxp Embedded (Enhanced write filter - RAM mode, no write to harddisk at all, from bootup to shutdown).

I've looking for tools, guide or direction to disable the "write-attempt" which disallows a (harware-based) write-protected harddrive from booting.
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  1. I'd contact the manufacturer of your MB. If they aren't helpful, RMA the MB and buy one with a different BIOS.
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