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im planning on ordering the parts after christmas and i was just wanting some last minute input on how everything i said in my previous post ill be playing games like crysis etc.. and i plan on getting a second video card later in the also going to be overclocking both the CPU and the wondering if a GPU cooler is needed since i will be overclocking...also when i get a 2nd video card and im using a GPU cooler on the my original one will i have enough space to fit a second one on that video card ? and is this power supply big enough to handle everything being overclocked? my last question is would it be smart to get another smaller hard drive for my OS like a Raptor or is the performance increase not hardly noticeable ? will appreciate any input...thanks







Hard drive

Disk Drive

GPU cooler

CPU cooler
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  1. The mobo should fit 2 GPU's with the coolers. See, there are 3 PCI-E slots. The black ones are x16 & the ones you should use. In between them are 3 slots. Plenty of space for anything. I assume the GPU + Cooler takes up 2 slots.

    I would get a 700W+ psu for SLI & future upgrades.

    Not smart, but safe. If your data & os are on the same disk & the disk is screwed, you're screwed. Right-click My Documents & move it to D: drive after every fresh windows install. I'm aware of backup programs, but how often do home users backup 500GB of data? Try never.
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