WORD 2003: how to add characters when the line is centered?

I have a title to a page that is centered of course. But I want to add a sort of footnote off to the side in much a smaller text size. But I don't want to change the centered position of the title. Is this possible? I don't even know how to describe this...:)
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    Yes, you can insert a text box.
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  3. Ahhhhh of course! Thank you!
  4. :o
  5. I selected PhilFrisbie. It says so above doesn't it?
    And why does Toms Hardware not show any names of the commentors? Just "More Iinformation". This seems like a recent change.
  6. I was just kidding. :)

    Yes, the names are there at the top left. Why can't you see them?
  7. > Yes, the names are there at the top left. Why can't you see them?

    Don't know. Just a green envelope icon below a mustard colored circle and above the 2 words blue "More Information". I just tried the page in another browser and before I logged in the names showed as per normal. After I logged in they vanish as described above. Bizarre.
  8. It's in black writing.. in the same line as the date posted and the report button. Maybe just a problem with your browser, or something.
  9. I was using Opera 11.64 before and now I just signed with the version 12.12 (almost the latest). Same. And same with the latest Firefox.
  10. So what's my username? :D
  11. Doesn't snow how because I'm looged in. I just noticed that on my posts there is just a green envelope icon whereas on all the other posts there is the mustard colored circle above the green envelope.
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