Motherboard Temp Higher than CPU

I've been running my homebuilt system for about a year now and never had this problem till today.

My motherboard temperature is reading higher than my CPU right now.
While I'm typing this my MB is 50 c and my CPU is 45c and not even under load.

I checked my fans and all of them are working. The ambient room temperature is about 28 c.

Here's a screenshot.

I have an Asus P5B-Plus motherboard with an E6600 C2D inside a full tower thermaltake case.

I would appreciate any insight or suggestions.
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  1. 50C is rather hot indeed. I like to keep my temps under 40C, but with the hotter weather and all, it's becoming harder to keep them under 50C.

    Anyways, it doesn't hurt to replace the TIM for the NB(and SB). Get some good quality thermal paste, like the AS5, and remove the old paste. Then apply the new paste.
  2. That is a bit on the high side for a mobo...what is the baseline average for(high)mobo temperature???As a side note,I took my rig apart yesterday,and cleaned my (Antec 900) case fans real good,and my mobo temps are in mid twenties now.Previously,they were low to mid thirties...
  3. Evilonigiri, what is the TIM? I know you mean the Northbridge and Southbridge.

    Right now I'm using arctic silver paste on my stock CPU cooler, should I just replace the paste on my stock NB and SB heatsinks is what you are saying?
  4. I think the temps are fine. 50 C isn't all that hot to be honest. My real question is what does a motherboard temperature specifically refer to? Motherboards are kind of loose temperature wise, so I don't think it's that big of a deal.
  5. well does anyone ever think its faulty sensor reading or miscalibrated?just a thought.
  6. I dont think it could be a faulty reading or a senser gone wrong ...i have the same probem with my motherboard as well and it is vented very well , i think would help 50% of my problem is getting a modular power supply to run only certain power cords to have more air coming through ( basicly have more air coming to the northbridge heatsink) but i do remember alot older computers havin fans on these north and southbridges ...when a person goes to these computer repair stores that they have these small fans on a shelf ...cost around 50 cents or so
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