What to do - Need a new mobo that is futureproof

Looking for a new motherboard, currently I have a Asus P5N-E. It needs to be able to clock to 3ghz on a E6600 without any hassle and also fully support the new Penryns, including the 1600FSB ones.

I have done a bit of reading, and it seems most only support 1333fsb on the X38 chipset, will this change with bios updates?

Here are the features needed:

Lots of USB ( i have literally tons of peripherals )
At least 4 internal SATA 2 connectors
Runs cool ( my current northbridge gets stupidly hot )
Penryn support
PCI-E 2.0 support
At least one easily accessibly PCI-E 1X/4X slot that is usuable with a dual slot cooler card ( 8800GTS 640mb )
If possible dual DDR3/DDR2 support
Works with G-Skill Memory

Suggestions? Prices for X38 seem high currently, will this change or should I jump now?

Thanks and this is my first post here btw! :D
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  1. Look at the AsRock 4Core1600P35-WiFi+. It will be available in the US on or around the 22nd of Jan. It will retail for around $120.00 USD. Welcome to the Neighborhood!
  2. Had a Asrock, components are too cheap and nasty for my liking.

    What about this Gigabyte?

  3. Hi and thanks, do the X48 chipsets support DDR2? If I had to dump my 4GB of DDR2 it makes it not worthwhile imo, at least for now. I am open to a a board that does hybrid like the some P35 do with DDR2 and DDR3 support.
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