New system - final spec?

Ok, did some thinking and looking around. With all the help from everyone here and some of the review's here, I think I am going with the following:

MB $139.00

CPU $279.00

PSU $119.00

Video $359.00

Memory $74.99

HDD $69.99

Slightly over my initial $1k budget, but worth it I think to get the Q6600 processor and the SLI (for the furture) motherboard from the holiday shopping guide. Thoughts/suggestions?
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  1. Still looking for some input on this build, anyone?
  2. Your Memory link goes to the PSU. Anyways, it looks pretty good. I don't know how much to trust MSI as I've never used their products, so maybe someone else has some more input.

    Not sure if you're going to OC, but just though I should let you know that at stock settings a C2D E6750 will outperform that Q6600 in games. I think benchmarks showed the Q6600 pulling ahead by ~5-15% when OC'ed to 3.2Ghz.

    If you are going to OC, I recommend an aftermarket cooler like the AC7 Pro, TR Ultra 120, TT, or Zalman 9500/9700. There are others that are decent, but these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  3. Consider Getting the Q6600 from CLUBIT.COM

    They guarentee the G0 stepping which is important.

    Why the 650i mobo?
    Are you planning on doing SLI?
  4. Thanks for the iinput, following should be the correct link for the memory. I won't be doing much overclocking at this time, but may play around with it in the future.

  5. Just saw Zenmasters reply, again would like to be able to go with SLI down the road if I decide to. I went with the MSI mb based on that and the review of it here in the holiday shopping guide. I figure if I have the SLI capability I can add a second card if software support for SLI becomes more prominent and/or down the road just to try and stretch the life the system.
    I am open to suggestions for a different SLI mobo in the same price range if anyone has one, not set on the 650i chipset or that particualr board.
  6. One final bump for input, getting ready to hit the order button and want to be sure I get it right. Anyone else have some thoughts?
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