Cooler to reach 3ghz on e2180?

I only have experience with one LGA775 cooler, namely the Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme that cools my Q6600, however, I need a somewhat smaller and cheaper heatsink for OCing the e2180 hoping to reach 3ghz or more on air. Some advice would be appreciated, I'm looking to spend $30-$50. Thanks.
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  1. The Intel stock cooler will allow you to hit 3GHz on the E2180 with reasonable temps, so you really don't have to buy a new heatsink.
  2. what if I wanted to go further?

    I'm building around DDR2-800 RAM on a GA-EP35-DS3L so I don't want the heatsink to bottleneck this system's potential. If the board/RAM allow it, I'd try 3.2ghz and more (as I've read the e2180 can reach those frequencies and remain stable as long as it's kept cool.

    3ghz on e2180 is 300x10 (or 273x11 though i'm not sure if 10 is the max multiplier).
    3.2ghz is only 320x10 so well under the board's and RAM's limits...
  3. 3.2GHz is pretty much the limit of the E21xx, so don't expect anything higher. Saying that, the stock cooler probably would be enough.

    In any case, cooler is better, so I'll recommend the Xigmatek S963:

    It's on sale, $15 with mir. Performs better than the AC7, but I haven't found any real review of this. This cooler is more than you need. Look here:
  4. since i'm ordering from, i've decided to go with:
    xigmatek hdt-s1283
    sunbeam tuniq tx-2 instead of my regular AS5, since i'm out
  5. Excellent choice as well. There is no such thing as overkill when it comes to cooling. :sol:

    I also read that the TX-2 is better than the AS5, so that is also a good choice.
  6. e2180s limit is pretty much 3.2/3.3 and the stock cooler will do it.

    Atleast you got a better cooler for future upgrades. E7200 is a nice little gem and the e7300 ought to be even better.
  7. Forgot one thing.

    Make sure you have enough airflow in your case to cool the motherboard, like the NB and SB. Intel stock cooling does a downward draft style which cools near by components while the Xigmatek doesn't. This can be easily compensated with a case fan or so.
  8. I have an E2180 running at 3.2 GHz (400x8 for 1:1). I have a Zalman 9700 NT cooling it and I've got it P95 stable for 10 hours. I have been able to get it to POST and load Windows at 3.6 GHz but I haven't had time to test it's stability, I'm gonna run that test overnight tonight though. Off topic, does anyone own any of the Viper series RAM from Patriot? I bought the 4-4-4-12 timed RAM but I can't get my computer stable on those timings even at 2.2 V(maybe increase the voltage?). All I can get is 5-5-5-12 which is disappointing considering I payed for 4-4-4-12.
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