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some history

I built my pc a couple of months ago, not had any major problems with it, a couple of bsod's followed by a restart. one when I was downloading a demo via steam, one while just viewing the internet.

it all started when I viewed a web site, norton av kicked in saying a file in temp internet files was a virus, zone alarm warned this exe was trying to access the net, which I declined. yet zone alarm kept on showing up, then I got a bsod and the system restarted, I ended up having to go into safe mode and uninstall zone alarm as when the machine restarted it would get to the point when zone alarm would load and crash again and restart, after this doing the restart - crash - restart - crash - etc, safe mode and remove zone alarm was the only thing I could do to get it to stop crashing. other thing that happened since then are, comp will boot up, I get a message from norton av saying the some program has attempted to change the setting, norton will reset to default settings, and other times I load up internet explorer and I get a error this prog has caused a fatal error and will close. and the system now takes over 2 mins to boot up into windows.

Can I point out, before I got this virus, I never had a problem.

Now to the point of this message

with all these strange thing happening, I thought of trying memtest86, so I used the bootable cd option (no floppy drive) here are the results


0 - Pass
1 - Pass
2 - Fail
3 - Fail
4 - Fail
5 - Pass
6 - Fail
7 - Pass

Didn't do 8 or 9 as they take a long time

The test that passed, had zero errors, while the tests that failed the numbers of errors were like phone book numbers ie 8156734 errors, then the memtest would crash ( tests 2,3,4 and 6)

So I am confused by these results.

Can I point out that I have never had a memory error in windows, or have a game crash while playing (crysis demo, c&c, cod4 etc)

I have also ran a reg cleaner to try and speed up system (found 230 thing to fix) but didn't boot any faster.

system spec ( everything running at stock)

core 2 e6750 2.66
gigabyte p35c-ds3r rev2
2 gb crosair xms2 800mb ram (running at 1.8v)
8800 gts
crosair hx620 power supply
win xp sp2
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  1. Corsair XMS running at 1.8v? Is that what its rated for?
    Memtest might stress your RAM more than typical game playing.
    Have you run AV in safe mode and got a virus free report?
  2. Thanks for quick reply

    No idea what the ram voltage should be, there is a pdf file on corsair's site which says tested at 1.9v, but have not been able to find what the exact volts it should be run at.

    Haven't done norton in save mode will do it now, cheers
  3. If you have CAS 5 its 1.9v and the CAS 4 is 2.1v.
    I'd try giving the RAM 1.9v and testing again. And even test at 2.0v.

    Your virus infestation may have been attempting to alter/disable your firewall and AV.
  4. ran av in safe mode - no virus dectected

    also tried memtest86 at 1.9v and 2.0v - test results are the same (in test 2 no of errors 32767)

    EDIT - there must be something wrong with the version of memtest86 v3.4 or the bootable cd, I just tried it on a 4 year old toshiba laptop with 256mb ram and the results are the same as my other machine, fails on tests 2,3,4,6 and the no of errors in test 2 is 32767
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