Using Cool and Quiet On a Overclocked CPU

I tried searching both Tom's Hardware and Google for a answer on this but cant find anything I know its kinda of a odd question. But is it safe to run AMD Cool and Quiet with a over clocked CPU?
Right now I am running a 4600+ X2 AM2 at 2.8ghz been running stable and seems to be idling around 77-82 degrees with Cool and Quiet disabled. With Cool and Quiet on it running 68-72 degree Idle which is a good drop in temperature. What worries me is the Voltage jumping when I go to play a game (Stock Voltage should be 1.35v I am running 1.37v). So is it safe and does it really help prolong the life of the component anyway?
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  1. I have an Athlon 3500+ on 2.86GHz stable.When i try to turn on cool and quiet it can't boot up.I don't know why.
  2. well to be honest for a start you idle temperature is very high and load temp is of course HIGH again.are you running it on stock HSF?if yes get another aftermarket heatsink.

    the voltage it will vary on every CPU so its nothign to worry about.

    i wouldnt recommend you turn on Cool n Quiet.but try if you will experience any crash or freezes.

    just a side note.temp that high you CPU will shorten its life very quickly!but i reckon it will last 2 years at least.
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