Raptor X vs. WD Black 6401AALS

I currently have a raptor x hard drive and because of the space limitations I need an upgrade. I was wondering if I should look for another raptor x and set up a raid 0 configuration or buy two WD 6401AALS set those up in raid 0 and try selling my raptor X? I guess my last option would just to buy 1 WD 6401AALS and use that for storage. My last question is if you guys this raptors perform better than those new Black 6401AALS?
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  1. I go for 2 drives with a 32MB cache and a five year warranty in raid 0.
    So that would be 2 Seagates if say 750GB or so in raid 0.
    The raptor series is over rated and over priced in todays market.
  2. You know, i know it isnt the answer your looking for, but I'm going to side with the guy above who de-railed the thread and say go with a seagate. I have two raptors in raid 0 striping, 150gig each. They are fast obviously, but I can barely notice the diff between them and my Seagate main storage drive. You can get an ES series drive, which is basically a high reliability version designed to run 24-7 on servers. I've literally never had one fail and ive been using them forever. I would go seagate, ES series in raid 0
  3. Dont waste money on the old raptor, go for the WD Black drive(s). The new Velocoraptor is quicker, but very expensive.
  4. doesn't raid 0 stripe the hdd's together? so two of the same drive act like one? so you wouldn't even gain any space, waste of moeny if your trying to increase space
  5. raid 0 writes "stripes" of info alternating between the drives, thus using the space on both drives and increasing performance by doing simultaneous writes and reads. This is done with a sacrifice of reliability as if either drive or the controller goes out all data is lost.

    raid 1 puts the exact same info on both drives, thus giving you the capacity of only one drive but the reliability of having a built in back as long as the controller doesn't go out. As far as performance writes are slowed as the same info must be written twice and reads are increased as you can read two files at the same time.

    imho there is no need for raid in a pc, it is best reserved for servers and workstations.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'm still kinda unsure on what to do. Everyone seems to agree not to get another raptor x but i'm still confused on whether I should raid or not.
  7. Get 2 6401s and 'try' selling the raptor. No need to raid even. Only if you copy alot of files to and fro but i doubt that. Games just want more RAM, only loading times would decrease with raid, how much, i don't know.
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