Tell me what you think about this card please.....

Ok so I have been agonizing over this for months,

What do you think about the VisionTek brand? Is this a good card? And what drivers should I install for this card? I heard 7.11 stinks, what about 7.10?
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More about tell card please
  1. Visiontek is fine.

    Looks like a good deal, but don't you think it's worth the extra $$ for the 512mb card?
  2. How much extra $$ ? Would the extra memory benifit at 1680x1050? This card still seems to perform good even at that resolution.
  3. $40 more for a 3850 512mb on newegg...

    Aside from resolution, the 512mb of memory will let you set ultra-high texture detail without a masdsive performance penalty in games like Crysis or Doom3 based stuff.

    I dunno, that'd be a factor for me. I'm a detail whore though. Might not be worth the $40 for everybosy though.
  4. Ahhhh,

    I think this card will be good enough for me for now. Thanks for the help! :D

    I'll post what kind of performence I get when I get the card!

    Oh yeah, what driver should I install? The 7.10 one?
  5. Doesn't matter... 7.12 should be here before your card arrives anyhoo. :D
  6. I have till 5 this evening to order and it will get here on the 24'th. I case it arrives before 7.12 does I think I will install 7.10. Comments? :bounce:
  7. Too late. I broke down and bought it.......
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