Old printer can't find good driver

So guys, I have this old printer, HP PSC 1410.. :( :(
It works pretty well when I use win XP years ago, but when I put it in the win 7, it can't install its driver when I plug it.
Eventhough I download the driver from the official HP sites for win 7 it still can't work, any idea how I can put this printer back to life? :D

Really appreciate your help. :)
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    Have you tried this?
    "Windows 7 has the PSC 1400 series printer drivers included. You may need to go to the Printers folder, select Add Printer, and when the list of printers comes up select "Windows Update". This may take several minutes to complete.

    Once the drivers are updated you should be able to just plug the USB in and have WIndows find and install the drivers."
  2. seems legit, thanks man..
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