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Hello All,

I recently bought a new computer (Gateway GT56594) with a SATA drive and Window Vista (64 Bit) and wanted to install my old IDE drive as a secondary drive (as I have some programs that will not run on a 64 bit system. I was going to use virtual box to create a virtual computer on the second drive). When I opened my case up, I was quite surprised that I didn't see a ribbon cable attached to the hard drive. After speaking with my IT department at work, I realized that I had a SATA drive instead. Since I wasn't sure if I could install the two different hard drives on the same motherboard (and I was in Best Buy anyway), I spoke with someone from Geek Squad and they suggested that I purchase an external hard drive case and set it up that way. I set up the IDE drive as a slave and installed my external hard drive case on my computer, but I can't access the second hard drive. I can see the external drive when I look at my drives, but an unable to access the disk (Vista asks me to enter a disk into the drive). I checked the BIOS and it does see two hard drives when the external is plugged in.

I am not sure if I should return the external case and install the IDE on the motherboard with the SATA drive or if I am just doing something wrong.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Any help will be appreciated.


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  1. Is the cd/dvd drive ide or sata? If the motherboard has an IDE port, just plug it into that. Go into bios, then set the sata drive to bootup first.
  2. br3ndo64,

    Thanks for the help. I think I ran into a little set back this morning when I went to install my IDE drive.

    My cd/dvd is sata & the morhterborad does have and IDE port. When I went to install the IDE drive I noticed that it appears that I don't have a power cable on the motherboard that will fill into the IDE drive to power it up. Am I missing something or do I need to go out and buy a power cable.
  3. the power cable will come from the power supply not the motherboard, if you dont have a power lead spare you can get 2 into 1 addapetrs and add the old HD to an existing power line.
  4. Thanks vibe. I have several power leads coming from the supply (not the motherboard, I misspoke):
    one feeding the Seta HD
    one feeding the cd/dvd drive
    one cable with two connections, labeled a p10, but is too small to fit the IDE HD

    I'll have to try an adapter.
  5. Does anyone know where I can find an adapter like the one that vibe mentioned in the previous post? I went to a couple of local computer stores in my area and they did't have one, nor did they know of an adapter that would go backwards (sata power supply to a IDE hard drive). I fond the following adapter online ( but amd not sure is this is what I need.

    Thanks for any help
  6. First of all, I am VERY surprised that your Power Supply does not have some leads coming out with a standard 4-pin connector for any IDE device - or, in fact, several of them. Almost all machines I've seen, even the ones that are ready for SATA everything, assume you MIGHT have one or two IDE devices (like HDD's or DVD drives) and provide both some PSU connectors and one mobo data IDE port.

    Secondly, I'm also suprised the Geek Squad guys' way of handling an IDE drive was to mount it externally. Seems obvious to me you'd look for the built-in facilities first!
  7. I am just as amazed as paperdoc for the same reasons. Is your PSU modular? (this is where you plug cables in as needed, if so the PSU will have sockets on to add more power lines)

    the 4 pin connectors we are talking about are called Molex, quick ebay searh (5 seconds) found this

    Thats the sort of thing you are after bu the sounds of it.
  8. I just found this group of postings when searching for an answer to a situation very much like thedman described originally except I was physically able to put my old IDE drive into the new Gateway PC. Power connector was there and I had purchased an IDE/Sata bridge. Although there is an unused IDE connector on the motherboard, I used the bridge and connected to the SATA3 connector. (SATA1 is the HD that came with the machine, SATA2 is the DVD player.)

    Even though everything appeared to connect properly, when I started up the PC, the BIOS didn't recognize the IDE drive and Windows froze when starting up.

    What am I doing wrong? The IDE drive is set as a slave (Seagate) by not installing any jumper, does not have an OS on it. Would I be better of not using the bridge and just connecting to the IDE connector?
  9. FYI - I went ahead and connected directly to the IDE connector on the mobo instead of using the IDE/SATA converter and it worked perfectly! Windows opened up with the IDE drive as F: and I was able to see all of the folders & files that were left on it.
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