Dead 9800XT, any upgrades?

Well, my old Radeon 9800XT 256mb just died on me, and I'm kinda anxious to get a new card quickly. I don't really want to spend the money on a whole new system so I figured I'd just get a new AGP card (I'm running a P4 3.2ghz, 2gb ddr), and I'm wondering if there are any better AGP cards out there that would be an upgrade to the 9800XT. Forgive me if this is obvious, as I haven't been keeping up on the gfx card scene for a while :sweat:
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  1. I guess the best price/performance agp card you can get now is the 2600XT, so I would just get one for about $110. Or you can pay a little more and get the x1950pro, but, for an agp card, $100-120 is the maximum I would pay.
  2. Can you let us know what power your Psu is and also how old is the system ? as a PSU will degrade over time.
  3. Though the X2600 Pro AGP would be the best deal for you right now, even an X1650 Pro would be a decent upgrade to a 9800 XT. See Tom's December 2007 GPU guide page: "What about this other card?":


    You can use this hierarchy to compare the pricing between two cards, to see which is a better deal and also to determine if an upgrade is worthwhile. I don't recommend upgrading your graphics card unless the replacement card is at least three tiers higher. Otherwise, the upgrade is somewhat parallel and you may not notice a worthwhile difference in performance.
  4. Yes get the 2600XT or X1950 AGP
  5. X1600PRO AGP

    I would check that out $42 cant beat that.

    Forget everything and buy this card.

    HIS X1950PRO for $130 that CREAMS the pathiec 2600XT and for only $20 more!

    So if you do light gaming get the cheap X1600PRO if you really wanna game on that machine for a while and run High Settings X1950PRO FTW
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