OCing, raid, stable audio to much for GB p35 DS3R?

Hi, have been reading the forums, and came accross quite a few people having problems with this board. For sure it does oc well. But there have been problems with setting up raid and also audio stuttering problems. Have these problems been resolved with the rev 2.0 board?

I tried looking at similar asus boards (confusing with the many versions and types) like the gigbayte ds3r one, but the one i saw that was closest is the P5K-E-WIFI. Is there any board exact almost without the wifi? I wonder if the asus boards are better with raid, oc and audio as I havnt really come across anyone having problems with the asus boards. Thanks
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  1. closest board would be p5k-e. However, audio support in vista is a tad shakey... There hasn't been a version of audio control center released for Vista yet, you will have to learn to use microsoft's. Application is available for XP though. Asus uses ADI audio chips and ADI don't publish drivers on their website. Any support for audio will be from asus only. the gigabyte boards uses realtek chips which has driver support on their website. It comes with both drivers and control center, and media rack should u want that feature too.

    As for raid problems, what problems exactly are people having? when using gigabyte boards, try to stay away from their gigaraid option, i dont think it's as good as intel's native solution. Intel's solution is identical in the Asus boards too so i'd imagine any problems would be visible in both manufacture's products.

    For the latest chipset drivers, raid manager and f6 floppy drivers, please visit www.intel.com If you need links, ill dig them up for u.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I did read good reviews about the gigabyte p35 boards. Dont have the board yet, gonna get very soon. Will stay away from asus, as plan to use vista (already have a copy), and dont want to have limited support has u said above in sound.

    Ill just post a link to the problems others have been having with the p35 ds3r,


    Ill just qoute some main comment sayings,

    "This board has the realtek onboard HD sound. What I have found is that IF I have AHCI mode enabled , the sound is immediately jacked. Basically what this means is that the sound is immediately plagued with stuttering, skips, and delays in ANY audio application or video app with sound."

    "I saw the RAID status of the RAID1 pair constantly fail and need rebuilding. I gave up and moved the pair to the "giga raid" ports and I don't seem to have any issues thus far.

    Basically I'm wondering at this point if the ICH9R chipset is just crappy when it comes to any kind of RAID , I seem to be seeing alot of issues out on the net with it and RAID in general. "

    "Now with that being said, I am wondering if sound on the Asus P5K-E would be better with the ADI setup?

    I don't want to add in a sound card, but I would be willing to get a decent RAID card if indeed the ICH9R chipset is just junk for RAID applications in general."

    Was concerned a bit as a few people have/are having the same sort of problems. And the general view was to stick with the gigaraid option. Didnt hear any such problems with asus boards, so thought maybe ingenuity the giga boards have some issues, thought it may just be bad luck i guess. hmmm
  3. well the quick response is really the luck of the draw. people usually don't complain when everything's working. And the P5k is a really nice board. The audio controller application would have been nice, but the ppl i know have learned to live without it. The microsoft version works, its just not as user friendly.

    As for gigabyte board... hmmm this is new to me, i can't seem to reproduce the error on my setup. They seem to have the latest bios and supposedly hte latest drivers... idk.. i'll try assisting them.
  4. Well ill will be going for the gigabyte board. Saw your post in the other thread, will save the links to assist me when I get the board. thanks again.
  5. Hi Windie and all,
    I have been using the DS3R rev2 for 6 weeks now without any problem, sound is perfect, raid seems ok, easy to setup, good marks on bench. Have 2 seagate 320. Only complain is about usb wich bios detects as 1.1. will post a separate thread on this.
    regards, robert garand
  6. Hmmm... I noticed my own GA-P35C-DS3R is slower on the USB than other boards. (It's a P35C, like the P35-DS3R but with eSATA and DDR3 support). Still, it's several times faster than the USB 1.1 in my old computer.

    Windie, if you intend to use an external hard disk a lot I suggest you get a GA-P35-DS4 and an external disk with eSATA (Seagate FreeAgent Pro, for example).
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