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I don't know if my toolbar has been deleted or what I can not find any mention of it on my system, I would like to have it back if possible. I need inter net options. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I assume it is completely missing and not just hidden? If hidden it would popup when your mouse is dragged to the bottom of the screen.

    I had a problem with my dads laptop and Vista where the toolbar went missing. Unfortunately I never could fix it and I'm pretty experienced. Luckily, I went to System Restore and restored an earlier version of Windows where it still worked.

    System Restore will not delete files in folders like "My Documents", only recent programs and certain Windows settings.

    System Restore, with no Toolbar:

    1. click desktop and "screen resolution:
    2. click "make text or other items.."
    3. click "Control Panel"
    4. "system and security"
    5. "Action Center"->restore your system to an earlier time
    6. "open System Restore"
    7. "choose a different Restore Point"

    If you know the DATE that your toolbar disappeared then choose the first Restore Point before that.

    - You can try Googling for more information but if System Restore doesn't work good luck.
    - If you need to reinstall Windows, I strongly suggest you copy and paste all your data into another hard drive (USB or internal)
    - also when reinstalling, it's best to backup EMAIL stored locally, and find settings etc. Spend some time thinking about what you'd lose and manually back that stuff up. If confident you have everything there's no need to backup Windows completely.

    Reinstalling Windows tips:
    1. Copy all files, settings etc to another hard drive
    2. Remove all hard drives except for your main drive (USB and internal)
    3. Use the hard drives diagnostics disc, then boot to it and run a FULL DIAGNOSTIC and format the drive
    4. Now WIPE the drive completely using something like the "overwrite with 0's" destructive tool, again should be on your manufacturers disc
    5. Reinstall Windows (*for laptops see BELOW)
    6. Download and Install the main chipset driver for your motherboard
    7. Download and install other drivers from your motherboard (not all are necessarily relevent, for example audio is not necessary if you have an addon sound card, nor are RAID drivers if no RAID setup)
    8. Download and install Video Drivers (from AMD, NVidia or Intel directly usually)
    9. other drivers
    10. Microsoft Updates (set it to Automatic; updates may take a few hours)
    11. Install Acronis True Image (can get a basic version from Western Digital if you own a WD drive. Otherwise it's worth the $50 if you don't have other software as good.)
    12. Create a BACKUP using Acronis TI (This backup will go on a secondary drive and is NEVER, EVER DELETED.)
    13. Install other programs
    14. Acronis True Image -> make periodic backups. The full version can make backups once per day. I recommend backing up daily to a large secondary drive, then periodically delete all but the last three main backups. using the recommended Differential or Incremental (forget which) you'll see a LARGE backup followed by smaller ones. The smaller ones depend on the larger one and you'll see a similar number in the title. I recommend deleting all before the THIRD LAST LARGE FILE. Confusing now but obvious later.

    Start Acronis TI from Windows or boot to an Acronis Restore disc. Choose the desired day.

    You need to get all drivers, including video, from the laptop site. It must be for your version of laptop and Windows version (i.e. Windows 7 64bit). If in doubt, it doesn't hurt to overwrite drivers.

    It's a good idea to update a laptop BIOS just like a desktop.

    CD/DVD drives may have firmware updates. They usually stop supporting about a year after the drive is first released. These firmware updates are for increased compatibility with new discs. Without the proper information a disc may have errors or simply burn slower than it's capable of.

    FYI, there's absolutely no reason why Windows couldn't be updated with the new specs for discs rather than updating the DVD drive specifically. The ONLY REASON it's done the present way is to force people to buy new drives once they start getting errors.

    Almost all errors are due to outdated firmware, or really crappy discs (or a combination of both).
  2. scottish terrier owner said:
    I don't know if my toolbar has been deleted or what I can not find any mention of it on my system, I would like to have it back if possible. I need inter net options. Thanks in advance.

    Just so we understand each other, what do you define as a toolbar?
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