Build Validation AND Tri-SLI query

Hi there.
First-time poster here.
I am re-building my PC after getting some gifts and would appreciate last-minute validation (I have everything currently in my hands).
I will be running Vista Home Premium.

My additional and primary question though, is this:
Will the ASUS Striker Extreme MoBo support Tri-SLI (with the BFG 8800GTXOC2) , and where would I get the tri-SLI bridge required?
I have not found any mention in the ASUS boards nor on the BFG boards, nor on nVIDIA's boards, nor even here, in searching for Three-way SLI.... TriSLI?)

My build seems to have disappeared. Her it is AGAIN:

CASE Thermaltake Mozart TX VE1000SWA
CASE FANS Aerocool Extreme Turbines 120mmm blue LED *6
MoBo ASUS Striker Extreme
CPU Intel Q6700 Quad
CPU Cooler Thermaltake Blue-Orb-II
PSU Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W W0133
Memory 4GB Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5 G
Optical Dr Plextor PX-810SA
Video BFG8800GTX OC2 in SLI (but maybe tri-SLI?)
Monitor DELL 30" 3000WFP
HD WD Caviar 7200RPM 750GB *2 RAID-0
External HD MyBook 500GB*4

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    Triple SLI
    NVIDIA has also revealed a triple SLI setup for upcoming nForce 700 series and existing nForce 680i series motherboards. The setup can be achieved using three high-end video cards with two MIO ports (currently the 8800 GTX and 8800 Ultra) and a specialy wired connector [5][6]. The technology is expected to be announced to accompany with the launch of the nForce 700 chip at later date, shortly after the launch of the GeForce 8800 GT video card.

    It is however, compared with the third iteration of ATI CrossFire implementation, all video cards from high-end to lowest-end (the Radeon HD 2400 series, if enabled on PCB level [7][8]) video cards support dual CrossFire connectors, it is seemed that the cost for triple SLI (high-end video cards and motherboard) will be higher compared to an unannounced triple-card CrossFire setup.
  2. Thank you.
    I had read that article, but not ALL 680i SLI MoBo's have the room (IMHO) for three double-thickness GPU's.
    This is what i wanted to validate regarding the ASUS striker extreme.
    There is also an excellent review at the link posted below regarding the increased performance on the 30" monitors running games at 2560 x 1600:

    So I was hoping that someone might confirm or not regarding my MoBo and card in question, before i go and spend ANOTHER 600$ or so only to find out it will not :)
  3. I would ask in the ASUS forums.

    Tri-SLI is so new, I don't think it's ever been even tested in the wild.

    The new 780i boards definitely support it, but I would wait until I see if it really works very well.
  4. The specs for your board from the Asus site:
    Support two identical NVIDIA SLI-Ready graphics cards (both at x16 mode)
  5. Thank you, but when ASUS created that post / board, TRI-SLI was not even on the drawing board, as far as I know. Hence the query to experienced builders who might have already tried things out.
  6. Sorry I couldn't be of more help regarding the tri-SLI, like Zenmaster said, try the Asus forums.
  7. Will do, thanks again.
    But for the rest of the computer, do you validate that this will be an acceptable gaming rig?
    Should I go for raptor drives instead? I heard that the Caviars are far quieter and as fast performers in RAID0
    Also, have any of you ever used the ANTEC Spot Cool fans recommended by Tom's?

    Also, has anyone heard whether or not the hybrid flash drives are finally going to be coming out for desktops (they seem to be forever... imminent... :()

    Oh, and one last query - how MUCH of a difference would getting an X-Fi card make on the CPU usage on the Quad? I am getting such mixed reviews.

    Thanks in advance
  8. Seems NVIDIA has released Tri-SLI

    Testing here at Bit-tech shows so good figures.

    On thing i notice in the NVIDIA release info was this.
    "With 3-way SLI, gamers can harness the power of 384 stream processors, a 110+ gigatexel per second texture fill rate, and over two gigabytes of graphics memory for no-compromise gaming performance. "

    Since when does having SLI give you double and triple the memory? i always thought this wasnt the case?
  9. Id consider it marketing talk untill definitive tests are done on that matter.
  10. Firing squad has posted results (see above link)

    However, i received news directly from ASUS tech support today:

    "I got in touch with Garren. One of our AVP guys out on the floor. He says that the Striker Extreme will run Tri SLI. He says that Nvidia has delayed the release of the drivers however."

    So, this is bad for my pocketbook....
    I will hold off until they release the drivers though.... <giggles insanely>
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