formatting and reinstalling problem

By installing Vista Ultimate on top of Home Premium, would the older vista still have nvidia drivers, software installed, if so will it effect my hd4870x2 performance.

I only have 1 HDD i would like to format it and do a fresh install of Vista Ultimate (instead of doing what i have said above and install Ultimate on top of Home Premium), but i cant format the hard drive and then do a fresh install.

I noticed the free space on my hdd is the same as it was before i installed Ultimate, then the only way around it is to format and do a completely fresh install, but as i said above i cant format the drive(with the OS installed) and reinstall Ultimate after formatting that drive can i?
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  1. by the way the thing about installing ultimate on top of home premium is what i've done!!
  2. I doubt it would effect it, but it is fine to reformat and installl Ultimate by itself.

    There is no need to make multiple posts. Just do it and come back if you still dont perform well.
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