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I mounted my mobo yesterday, but I had no "fiber washers" between the standoffs and the mobo, that is ok right?

I keep hearing 64bit/dx10. Does dx10 only run on 64 bit?

I have heard both, but why Vista over XP?
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  1. 1. I have not tried to run it without the washers on it, but I think those are there to avoid contact with the metal case, so you could have a static electricity issue if your case touches your mobo when powered. I am not certain of this though. I know it would probably be a pain to take your mobo totally off again to put the washers on.

    2. DX10 is Vista only, but you can run DX10 on 32-bit Vista just fine. MS is saying the DX10 will NEVER be available for XP, but time will tell.

    3. XP is much more intuative and you will get better gaming performance from XP, but Vista SP1 might change things. I will not "upgrade" to Vista for a while.
  2. If your motherboard hasn't shorted out yet and it's working at the moment then it's okay.DX10 only runs on DX10 compatible graphics cards and Vista.
  3. 1. The reason I ask is that there were no "washer" shipped with the mobo, or case. I did not want to fry my system so I wanted to check before I tried to power it on

    2. My card has dx10, but its wasted if using xp?? :(

  4. You can make your own washers from cardboard if you are concerned about it. Your DX10 card won't be wasted on XP.It will run DX9 games very well.Most DX10 graphics cards are having a tough time with DX10 titles.What graphics card do you have?
  5. I was not really concerned with it, I heard and read that many places do not use washers, but I wanted to be sure and not fry it!

    I have the 8800 GT Superclocked
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