Attaching VGA ram heatsinks to video card question?

What can I use from around the house to attach some used Zalman vga heatsinks to another graphics card. What type of compound would work best. And if nothing around house is there something I can purchase locally i.e. Walmart, Bestbuy, Radio Shack. I don't feel like waiting for something in the mail. Thanks for any help up front
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  1. I'm surprised that the Zalman heatsinks didn't come with some paste included or preapplied. Check the Zalman website for specific recommendations, but I'd imagine offhand that some AS 7 would work. I've seen that at Best Buy in the past. But do check with Zalman first, as there might be something particular they recemmend.
  2. Normally you'd use the thermal pads already on them, but I guess you don't have them there. It needs to be something that becomes a little adhesive once it gets warm.
  3. I am taking them off the backside of a 7600gt which was part of the Zalman 700 kit, I figured that the front ram heatsinks under the actual fan are probably doing more than the ones mounted on the back side. Here is the reason, I am mounting a Zalman vf900 on my 8800GT and it only comes with 8 ram heatsinks so I need those for the VGA ram so I need some more for those additional hot spots on the 8800 GT. So like I said above I am taking the Zalman heatsinks off the underside of my 7600gt. Now, they basically just pulled right off and they still have some sticky on them should I try to use those or use something else.
  4. arctic silver ceramiq (io think thats how you spell it) would be what your looking for, its liek arctic sliver but dries hard and adhesive.
  5. This is what I use on all my builds to attach VGA RAM Heat sinks:
  6. Shadow703793 said:
    This is what I use on all my builds to attach VGA RAM Heat sinks:

    He doesn't want to order stuff though.

    @OP: Give it a go, I've read that people have managed to reattach them a few times. Just let the memory heat up a bit and pop them on, that should allow the thermal pads to become sticky enough to hold again. Remember these things weigh like one gram, they aren't going to fall off easy unless you knock them.
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