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Hey i am very new to the whole water cooling scene. I was just wondering how i would go about adding a vga block? right now i have a switech H20-220 and all i am cooling is my cpu. Do i have to drain the system to add vga; if so how? i know some of this might be common knowledge but i just want to make sure.
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  1. As far as kits I am assuming that you have the H20-220 Apex Ultra right? (MCP655 pump, Apogee GT CPU waterblock, etc...)

    Yes, one of the most tedious aspects of altering any watercooling loop is draining it. Now, if you are careful (and depending on how you have yoru rad set up) you might can get away without having to COMPLETELY dismantle the loop (i.e removing the reservoir, rad, etc). BUt, you will have to make sure that the tubing in the loop is drained because you will have to alter the loop to add the GPU waterblock for your videocard.

    It is up to you if you can do all this without removing ALL your hardware but, as this seems like you are new to watercooling, you might err on the side of safety here.
  2. ok thank you very much for your reply. I have to switech h20-220 compact (sorry for not specifying earlier). I will probably try to add to my loop by removing all of the components (like you advise). Thank you again
  3. What are your GPU and CPU? How far are both OCed? These are important, because depending on how much heat they are both producing, your setup might night be able to handle the load.
  4. My method would be to first, un-secure the microres and remove it from the case. Then remove its filler plug and pour as much of the fluid out through the res as possible. If you plan to re-use the fluid then capture it in a clean container. You will have to tilt and lft your rig ina all directions to direct fluid in the tubes and blocks to the res.

    Once you've removed as much fluid as you can that way, then disconnect the tubing at the point where you plan to install your GPU block. Mount the block and span the gap with additional tubing. Refill the loop, leak test and bleed (power disconnected from the mobo).

    I had the h20-220 Apex Ultra cooling my dual core AMD and an 8800GTS. The results were "good", not great. CPU (OC'd) peaked in the low 50s while the GPU was high 50s-low 60s
  5. hi, i wanted to know about water
    cooling me new sys. where do i start. im new at all this so i hope you know
    what im talking about. i have a sliverStone case with a gealaxy 1000 w power
    sup. A ausa striker extreme mother borad. and a core 2 duo 3.0 GHz. and
    2x1GB of Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2 PC2-8500. and 2 e-GeForce 8800Ultra
    OC 768MB video cards.
    i just bought the Koolance Exos-2.5, with the 3 120 mm fans. and wanting to
    know if this is big enought to cool moy sys. this is what i have. i have
    water blocks for the cpu two water blocks for the 8800 video cards with 1/2
    inch lines, so only the 1/2 lines will be running the cpu and 2 video
    casrds. there is a T with 3/8 line that will run the two north and south
    chipsets and to the two Mosfets/Volt Regs. then T back in to the 1/2 incl
    line. there will be two Ts to make two loops so that is 7 blocks. would
    that be the right way to set it up? and i keep my room like 77`F and i
    might want to over clock some...
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