8800GT Artifact updates?

Hello, so I assume the word has gotten around about a lot of 8800GT's getting red/green block artifacts all over the screen fallowed by a crash due to over heating at only around 70-80 Centigrade. So a lot of people have been RMAing which is most likely what I will have to do but, before I do so I would just like to confirm theres no updates or fixes made recently, or that will come out soon. Oh and I have the BFG 8800GT OC2. I also wouldn't mind if some other people with this problem could dump their info here too :) cheers.

I would also like to know if anyone has had any luck with RMA's? Did you get their new cards with the better fans etc...?
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  1. Hello, I have not had the same issue. However, your fan on your 8800GT is running at a default speed of 29%. The latest driver for you card should fix this or contact BFG tech. Or you could just download RivaTuner and manually change the speed of the fan to something like '75%'. Here is some info below on how to do that.

  2. Yeah I just turned it up to 100%, am gonna play TDU for a few hours to see if it will hold up, will give updates...
  3. what a silly bug, no wonder the fan was so quiet... i downloaded nTune and set mine to 50% from the default 29%
  4. This a common complaint with the 8800 gt no matter who makes it because it's in the N-Tune software that the problem lies not the driver for the card (at least as far as I know). Nvidia is supposed to be fixing it but don't wait for them. If you have N-Tune you need to go into the GPU adjustment tab and manually set it to 80 % or higher (it's supposed to do this automatically for you but doesn't, it stayes at 29% when your card switches to 3D mode and of course you overheat ). or as was suggested get RivaTuner and use it to adjust the fan speed. One thing to remember though is that with N-Tune you have to set it everytime you boot up. (unless you set it as the default profile)
  5. Ok, so I used Riva and set my fan to 100% I waited in idle till it hit the lowest temp, which was 55. Then I booted up TDU, and still it crashed like 5 minutes in :( So anyways, things are looking slim, so I would Like to ask: Would it be best to RMA from BFG, or the site I got it from www.directcanada.com?
  6. BFG has great customer service. One of the best.
  7. I think I can only get a rebate from directcanada, so I may just call BFG tomorrow, if they don't reply to my email. Does anyone know where on their site I can find the RMA thing?
  8. I haven't had problems with mine. Then again, I used rivatuner to set the fan speed to 65% and have a 120mm fan blowing directly on the card...


    I hate UPS. I had my new seasonic 500 watt PSU shipped via 2nd day. Was out for delivery at 8:55am. It is now 10:40pm and no package...


    /end rant
  9. Purolator is the best imo...
  10. The nTune "direct fan speed control" will revert itself to 29% after each reset.

    There is a way to use Riva Tuner to apply a permanent solution, it involves creating a fan control preset and letting Riva Tuner load at start up. Here's a guide to do it in Riva Tuner:


    It's a bit long but it's really detailed and step by step, it lets you create a range of fan speeds to throttle up and down depending on what temp thresholds you set... I really wish nVidia would fix this thing already, the 8800GT has been out for a little while now :/

    I also hear evga released a BIOS update for their cards to fix the problem.

    On a side note, I get weird artifacts / distortions on medium setting in crysis, mostly with character's faces and other polygons constantly distorting/disappearing... but goes away on high and low settings, just medium O_O
  11. It's actually really easy to set a manual fan speed in RivaTuner. I did it in like 30 seconds.

    At 50% I still can't hear it and my temps stay nice and low, even overclocked to 700/950.
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