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I was installing a stick of RAM this morning into a mobo that I already had in the case. Needless to say, it was a little tedious. In the process, I had to pull it out one or two times, and one of those times, I actually felt the heatspreader pulling off. I pushed it right back down, but am wondering if this will cause any long term problems.
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  1. Hopefully it'll be fine.
  2. It shouldn't cause a problem if your not wildly overcloaking
  3. I'm not wildly overclocking the RAM. In fact, the RAM is underclocked at the moment. The processor...well that's a different story.
  4. what ram? my ocz(DDR2 800) heat spreaders are just slowly peeling off(it has stopped, but its not making contact with half the chips) :)

    Since its way under(533 3,3,3,10) clocked i could not care less....but it does piss me off...3 sets all like that....seems when they get hot the clue loosens.
  5. It's G.Skill RAM. I doubt there's a problem with it. I've read several forums where people purposely remove the heat spreaders.
  6. Bet your just fine....i did not even think that stuff could come off(the gskill stuff that is..)
  7. Put it back together wit Arctic Silver Adhesive :D. The frag tape is $hit imo.
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