PC Turning On.. Overheating?

Well, Heres my problem.

This problem started a few weeks back. Heres an explination of what is happening. Oh by the way, Im not very experienced in computers so can you explain clearly? Sorry bout that.

2-3 Weeks ago I ran all my virus checks but before the more longer ones finished the computer shut itself off and the green light remained on (Power Light). The only way I can turn the computer back on is unplugging it or pressing the 0/1 switch at the back, Which I have read may damage my computer.

Even more recently I have turned on my PC to find that It starts up, Gives the Safe Mode/Start Windows Normally/Last good settings that worked screen, and Ive tried all of them and this happens:

- On all the safe modes it comes up with a lot of thing about Syetem 32 and when I try Last Good Settings that worked and Start Windows normally it comes onto CHKDISK. I have tried canceling the check and letting it run, But canceling it reboots the computer and if I let it run it gets to the Security Checks, But then its shuts off.

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